Cubase 7.0.2 / Cubase Artist 7.0.2 announcement

no vivo put a link up for it .not sure though if its correct build coz my cc121 channel selects not working on it.

the site normally goes down for a while before an update :wink:

It’s Here!!!

it does that,s to change web page data but they may have already uploaded to the server the installers.

Doesn’t work … Installation Failed ! …

Edit : it works now … 1st download wasn’t complete …

i bet you it will be done about 3pm GMT

but im completely wrong :laughing: :laughing: quick go get it !!!

Hope this addresses the trial issue I am having. Download going at 1MBPS.

VMX files don’t recall volumes ?..

Worked perfectly for me except, I still can’t try out the demo of the full version from artist.

yes, +1, and please rework the Mackie Fader groups buttons to be assignable, or re-attach them to channel and rack configuration 1-4

I used to have a professional working environment, I can’t just let a software upgrade kick out my professional hardware or render it useless at will! This is expensive stuff we’re talking about here.
I would have posted this elsewhere If they hadn’t locked the main thread on it.

I’m pleased to say that the update has been a major improvement for me, my system seems to be much more stable and although I still get crazy level peaks with the vst performance meter which I manged to tame by deselecting Asio Guard, I’m pleased to say my PC is behaving much better than before, and it was nothing to do with my 3rd Party Plugins or Drivers.
I will perform a full test in a few days.

Initial load times are much improved, maybe even project load times. Feels more stable, I’m not afraid to open the mixer any more due to fears of crashing.

Anyone noticed this since the update. When using the arrow keys with the step input bar look what happens:

The plugins, and graphics drivers, have NOTHING to do with issues that frustrate me most. If Cubase is running “beautifully” for you congratulations. Maybe you can solve the confirmed by Steinberg reported bugs, some of which should never have gone past a version 7 beta tester…if beta testers even existed before us.

Are you using 3 screens with all 3 mixers open, including the project screen with alternating key editor, drum editor, and sample editors?

Have you read the numerous issues in this form about these mixer gui/sizing problems?

Do you use key commands for the rack? I doubt it because they didn’t exist until today. Can you tell me why there are so many inconsistencies within key commands? Why does the key command open and close media bay window, but the key command for the history window only opens but no closing? How much effort would be involved fixing these little issues before Steinberg releases more “features” that appeal to casual users which in turn create more problems?

This is known as focusing on core functionality. Fixing long-standing problems that are core to the DAW…NOT better VSTI’s or improved fx, or fancier reverbs. These are issues I think frustrate loyal Cubase users.

I was a “bedroom producer” before I started to outgrow SX3 and now I’m going guns with C7.

Maybe I am not so loyal as to miss so many versions but there comes a time when something you want to do on your OS requires you to upgrade your DAW and holding out bears no fruit.

Anyway I am really happy with C7 but I don’t understand what “casual user” features you are referring to?

I refer to “casual user” as a new user, or one who just occasionally uses Cubase.

As far as features, I just mentioned the problems. Go look at all the threads about the poorly designed rack gui. I can’t explain the key command issues any more clear. If you know of a secret key command to close the history window please let me know!

Have you ever “squashed” the rack to try and fit in more mixer channels? Have you ever expanded the rack vertically, then close it and the mixer gui is in a different position on the screen? Have you ever added a track on the project page in a track folder, and then have to go through 10 more mouse clicks in the mixer to make it show up in the proper position in the mixer? The basic concept here is that if you put a track inside a folder on the project page it should reflect the same in the mixer…but it doesn’t. The newly added track will always appear by default on the left side in the mixer.

Steinberg released version 7 without any key commands for the rack. IMO that is something they should have included from the start. I don’t think it’s that difficult, but it appears as if they were in a rush to release it.

Admittedly I kinda prefer a fixed layout but I can get used to it I guess and over time it will grow on me.

Having said that I don’t often change the size of windows, generally I use the window menu to select between them and I have only a single monitor.

It did strike me as a bit strange though how the mixer scrunches up but once I show only the screen elements I want and channel types it is actually quite nice to use.

Oke a lot of bugs are solved… Unfortunately stay on top still not works on the 2nd monitor, will this be fixed in the following update?

Hate to whine, but yet another sloppy release. What cracks me up most is the even the icon on Mac has weird artefacts (not sharp and none transparent background). How difficult is THAT to fix. Lol.

My setup is complicated, going back to kit from 1987, sorry only two monitors. Loyal Cubase user? I met David Nicholson (look him up) in 1989
who gave me a Cubase 1.0 disk for the Atari, so please, keep your patronising comments to yourself.

C7.0.2 is running beautifully here. Yes I read the forum comments (have done for some time). I’ve worked in software development (have you?) and I’m telling you, bugs and shit happens. They’re working on it. Don’t you think they know about the bugs? Fuck, how did Mozart manage? Those quills were man-eaters.

Now I’m going to make music, have fun. If Cubase doesn’t work for you, there’s plenty of alternatives. Some of those have bugs too.

looks like the shit is hitting the fan ! 7 years later you are now seeing the full integration of yamaha , my bet is yamaha have taken over writing code for cubase and that’s why the design and the 3 party look of the mixer is there ,it’s not a steinberg thing it’s a yamaha fuck up , do you really want software designed by a company that make PRS range of keyboards lol … this time i am personally staying on c7 as im not up for buying yamaha software so it the words of the dragons …IM OUT !