Cubase 7.0.2 / Cubase Artist 7.0.2 announcement

Dear Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7 users,

We are happy and proud to announce the upcoming 7.0.2 maintenance update for Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7!

The update incorporates all improvements from the previous 7.0.1 update plus the following:

    • Documentation available in all supported languages
  • Additional key commands assignable for MixConsole features
  • Improved context menu on EQ bands
  • Control Room and meter improvements
  • Load/save settings of selected MixConsole channels (VMX file support)
  • Track Presets for Group / FX / VST Instrument return and Input / Output channels
  • Appearance settings: preview and custom colors for MixConsole value cells
  • Full track header coloring
  • VST Connect SE 1.2 with improved connection stability and video streaming reliability

Furthermore the following issues have been resolved:*


    • Saving a Preset with the “/” character in the name no longer renders the application unreliable.
  • Pressing “Cancel” on the “Add Instrument Track” dialog no longer leads to an unpredictable state of the application.
  • The new “Find Tracks” search function now also finds tracks that reside inside folders.
  • Resulting audio files from a recording are now always placed in the correct folder.
  • Scrub function now also works reliably on MIDI Parts.
  • After starting playback the video window no longer remains black for several seconds.


    • When setting a voice in the voice-menu, notes are now updated correctly.
  • The Step Input blue cursor can now be placed correctly with the mouse .
  • The MIDI length adjustment no longer works unexpected during export and import.
  • In Score, the notes are no longer moved accidently to 1/1/0 on mouse over.
  • The mouse input of the Chorder plug-in now works as expected.


    • Pre Gain Automation is no longer missing in Cubase.
  • Increasing the fader height no longer hides dB labels.
  • Linking rack sections and insert bypass now work as expected.
  • After changing the order of the channel strip modules in an instrument track the playback now works as expected.
  • The channel strip modules in the Inspector for VST return channels are now available.
  • The MixConsole window position is now saved correctly when using workspaces.
  • The Channel Edit window is now saved correctly when using workspaces.
  • When a folder is collapsed in MixConsole, simultaneous assigning of I/O to multiple tracks now works correctly.
  • Load / Save a Track Preset of VST instrument tracks now works as expected.
  • On MIDI tracks assigned to a VST instrument, the PAN control is no longer missing in the Inspector.
  • In the Channel Settings window the command “Show output chain” now works as expected with VST instruments supporting multiple outputs.
  • The inserts of a frozen track can now be bypassed correctly in the Channel Settings window.
  • The VU meter in the Inspector is no longer mono only.
  • The channel meter preference fallback time now works reliably .
  • While browsing Presets, the Channel EQ curve is now updated correctly.
  • When an EQ preset is loaded, the EQ controls in the Channel Settings window are now updated properly.
  • When working with 88.2 kHz as Project sample rate, the EQ points are now always in sync with the EQ curve.
  • Slider values cannot be changed when dragging in the vertical direction.

Remote and Hardware:

    • The Pop-up “Control Setting” panel in Remote Control Editor no longer renders the application unreliable.
  • The DM2000 remote no longer works unexpected when being recalled as a Remote Setting.
  • The AI Knob works now as expected when the maximum Fader volume is set to +12 dB instead of +6 dB.
  • CMC-FD: The function “To Selected Channel” works now as expected.
  • Under OS X 10.8 it is now possible to switch the sample rate without issues.

_ Please note that this list applies to Cubase 7 and not every entry may apply to Cubase Artist 7._*

The 7.0.2 Update and VST Connect Performer SE 1.2 will be available from February 18, 2013 on as a free download.

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt
Product Marketing Manager Cubase
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

:open_mouth: :astonished: :smiley:

double ++ :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :open_mouth:

tribble +++:-D

Sorry to seem one track minded but, considering the UI regrressions :

  • Is the preferences ‘Appearenances/Work area’ page available again with the horizontal and vertical relative grids display settings ? This is nearly a showstopper for me.
  • is there again a normal project cursor (without the horrible and useless blorry white mask) ?
  • have there been improvements concerning the FX/group ‘Wrap controls’ behavior with the R/W buttons behaving as expected ?
  • Is there again a normal (not plain white) background of the ‘Overview line’ ?

Otherwise I’ll keep on using 5.1.1 and 6.5.4 as presently…

Thank You!

Do the EQ improvements include the case of the disappearing EQ pop-up when clicking on quick-menu or preset boxes outside the pop-up? I’m sure I’ve seen someone mention this but darned if I can find it.

[Edit: yes, dealt with in 7.0.2 :smiley: ]

Will I be able to tell the difference between VST2 and VST3 plugs when inserting?

Control room bug fixed? (+1.1db gain applied)

sorry but I don’t see the fix for the mackie (& others) control for the hidden track ? :confused:

A great effort, thanks, CS.

No solving of the major C7 performance issues that alot of mac users are complaining about (including myself) ???
Personally i don’t give a sh*t for all those improvements stated, if only the performance would be up to par with C6.5.

Just my 2 cents. :mrgreen:

this sounds like a serious update! thanks 100x… but I have 1 question… actually 2

  1. what is - Full track header coloring?

2. i’m confused about “Track Presets for Group / FX / VST Instrument return and Input / Output channels”
… couldnt I already do this? I have been doing this previously? (clearly i’m missing something)

For whatever reason SB never lists all the changes –there are always fixes, changes and removals that can only be discovered by installing the version.

Looks like you are going to keep the look of the mixer console with icons different from Cubase? A different typography, too? And on / off buttons are almost invisible. I can not believe it.

Did you forget the Mackie Problem to reflect the channels like the Mixer on the screen does?

Very disappointing!

wow, 7.0.2 has not yet been released and people already start complaining…

No fixes for Variaudio?

+1 :confused:

No fix for Elastique?