Cubase 7.0.2 / Cubase Artist 7.0.2 announcement

I have HUGE graphics problems using 7 & 7.01 where cubase locks all other graphics up on the computer so i can’t even access a folder on the computer. I can’t bring a sample in from a folder. I can’t run any program in the background.

Not a problem I’ve ever had with ANY other program before & it goes away as soon as i close down cubase. Insane.

Don’t have much hope for 7.02 to be honest.

Since it is unusable I have to pretend that it doesn’t exist but I’m having soo much fun with Ableton 9 Beta that i’m not too bothered. :slight_smile:

I just got my C7 today and am about to install it.

I’ve backed up all my old projects (can’t believe I was still on SX3 for so long!) so should be ready to rock & roll with this new update.

Are we there yet? here in Australia, it’s the 18th … After all the probs i’ve been having , i m so so so sooo looking forward to this update. Hoping after this update i’ll finally be able to use 7 :slight_smile: And i’m now armed with a few new tweeks to try and lasso this baby! Fingers and toes crossed

It will likely be some time during the 19th for Australia and NZ since Germany is closer to the Greenwich Meridian (but I admit I have no idea how international time works).

Many of the crashes I get is related to graphic functions i believe. And I dont think they are called from plugins but im not sure. Lot’s of new graphics in 7…

yep it certainly isn’t c7 thats the problem there and enjoy Ableton 9 , tut ta :wink:

Ya es 18!!!

It is 18, what time will the upgrade to Cubase 7.0.2? :frowning:

Usually update it is sometime in the afternoon afaik. I guess round 17h central european time.

This will be the page: (I think) :slight_smile:

Still waiting here in GM Time, but don’t really hold out much hope (hope I’m wrong though) for a major improvement.
I think Cubase 7 is still in nappies and is being potty trained by its developers, and instead of giving it a good test with major operating systems (OS X & MS) before it’s released to the public, they give it to us to be the testers. :unamused:
IMO Steinberg better be careful as they are very likely to get system users getting fed up of unstable systems and deciding to opt for another DAW like Logic or DP 8 etc, that actually work well.
The fact that so many C7 users are having major problems with C7 should be a BIG embarrassment :blush: to Steinberg whom consider themselves to be one of the best professional DAWs in the music industry…really :question:

Cubase is one of the best DAWs. I’m waiting for all the posts saying ‘sorry, it was a plugin/mouse driver (already had one of those)/graphics driver etc’ issue instead of Cubase that was causing the problems.

C7.0.1 is running beautifully here. Not one issue, apart from not having more than 24 in a day to use it. It’s brilliant.

Waiting the release :slight_smile: I’ve working with 7.0.1 these days and I experienced some minor bugs, like a track with 130 channels and mixer console faders freezed. But no major problems at all.

Hope this release make you guys more happy :sunglasses:



Why wait until 20th February if it’s ready now? I just don’t get it! Is this another unsupported pre-release?

Where did you find this delay information?

I logged on this morning hoping to find to the 7.0.2 update but still nothing. Monday Feb 18th 6:18 Central Standard time USA.

:frowning: What day was it scheduled for release?

So who is ready for the next round of public beta testing?

I was under the impression it is a supported update, otherwise I’d not have purchased (was happy with SX3 on XP).

There is one German company, Behringer. Everybody is complaining about it. Buggy software, and buggy hardware. When you fire it up, you allways have a bad feeling in guts that it will die on you. Many use their products, because they are cheap. I do. And they look quite nice too, lots of lights and stuff. It looks like you get much bang for the buck, but there are problems. Power supplies breaking all the time, quality is so so…

Just right on the limit of tolerance, right on the edge where you want to throw it out of window, but then, well, why not give it another chance… I must say, their greatest expertise is sailing on the limit of customer’s tolerance.

Just to say, in pro audio, German may not be what it is hoped to be. But I must say, in my experience, there is less problems with Behringer gear than with Cubase. Probably because Cubase is more complex and this and that, and whatnot… And it is software only, so no real physical damage even if it is broken - just restart it, or restart computer, or reinstall, or delete some drivers or…, and don’t click that button again, or even better don’t use that newest half-broken function ever again. But no real harm done, its all just virtual.

I have no experience with Steinberg hardware. I know Yamaha is good, I have good experience.

I think it will cost way too much for Cubase to ever become COMPLETE product again. We will never be able to pay as much as is needed to make it real good. After all, it is 500eur product. It is like the cost of smart phone, and those have some problems too. It will allways be just patch on patch and more patch over patch.

To do it right, they should sit down, and rewrite it. Too many inconsistencies already, it is like having 10 apps in one window. Even graphically it is not consistent, what to speak of functional consistency. Too many things from way back, and too many new shiny half working things.

I have no idea how they will ever make it shine with nowadays economy. Who will pay more for just a bit of improvement? Not me. Better we get used to what it is, and do what we can with it. Peace.

Hallo I’m here to report another bug about 7.0.1, when i quit a big arrangement with lot of instruments like Kontakt, Philarmonik, Additive Drums and Keys, and some synth, then reopen the song, mostly of times cubase crash as reported in the pictures, somethimes the performance with only 4 midi track and Instruments can’t do a real time bounce throughout external fx, like my hardware bus compressor. I’ve to close cubase restart the mac and relounch all to start a bounce. Everything looks like a bad Memory management. I hope to start really work with the new beta version of cubase 7.

Im using mac pro with 16gb ram, Omnisphere, Stylus, Trillian, Kontakt 5, Additive Drums and Keys, Philarmonik Orchestra. Audio plugs Izotope and PSP compressors and Reverbs, All original registered software. No kraked plugs at all.
cubase crash.jpg