Cubase 7.0.2 - VST Performance (improvement)

For me it seems like the 7.0.2 update did improve my VST performance. It could of course be something else, but I rarely change any settings (if I can avoid it and even then only if something is just not working for me) and my system have been running smooth.

I have a fairly large project that I remember had certain parts that pushed the system a bit (didn’t throw the meters off or anything, just more than normal). I came back to this project just today for the first time since update, and it surprised me that the measures/bars that showed this “abnormal” behavior no longer did. I almost missed it because I wasn’t looking for it but when reviving my mind to the song something triggered my memory about it and I checked it out, and rechecked several times. :smiley:

Just thought I’d mention it. (And I do have the ASIO-Guard option ON, always did.)