Cubase 7.0.2 Weird problems

Dear Steinberg team,
I have downloaded the Cubase 7.0.2 demo, I put one of my cubase 6.5.4 song in it , some instruments started at measure instead od . also when I focused on one instrument (midi) the sound started at but others only at
I tryied with a track from the scratch, I put five instances , Vienna instruments, but it was the same problem…
Now I have a question, 2 years ago, when I bought cubase 6 , I had to wait until 6.5.4 for making cubase to work as it should have properly worked, fortunately I had keeped the cubase 5.5.3 version at work.
How long do You think it will take you this time to give a version of Cubase 7 to work properly, without this kind of bug ?
Thank You