Cubase 7.0.3, 64 bit Windows and I can't open the Pool

Been using Cubase since 1992, so I know this program well, but I’m having an issue that I need a hand with.

I can’t open the Pool Window. It won’t open with the control-p command or from the Window. I’m in the middle of a mix here and I need some help if anyone has any suggestions.


Isn’t it probably off the screen? (sorry, Mac here so I don’t know the Windows way out of it…)

Steve in Chicago…

No, I have a two monitor setup and the pool either will not come up or when it will open, it overtakes the project track window.

I don’t understand this behavior, as Cubase on the Mac always showed the pool window without issue.


Have you tried deleting Window Layouts.xml from your settings folder?

Can you reset it as a new Key command? :nerd:


Where is the settings folder in Windows 7 ?


It took a phone call from Chris at Steinberg for this to be solved.

I am a Mac Cubase user, back to 1992. I run my system on 2 monitors and it seems that in the Windows version of the program there is a dependence on the palette being the available place to hold the program windows. In the Mac version, the program, the program windows can open anywhere and freely be moved across both monitors without restraint. Not so in the Windows version.

In my situation, I had the window full-screen and the pool window was off screen, hidden, so every time I called it up it was hidden, off screen.

Lesson learned–check to see how wide the palette is set and ck for things hidden under–off screen.

From Indiana–near Chicago

It’s not obvious at all. There a lot of posts about it… Hopefully will change as the program evolves, but it will take a while. There are a few conveniences about Mac that make it worth the apparent performance trade off.

You using DP8 much? I long for certain features of that program.

Hi Steve.

I have been following DP 8, being in their beta testing program. There are still a lot of issues. I have not been using it on my Mac, only on my Windows 7 64 bit machine. There are still too many issues to even get it going. It always crashes on me with weird, odd errors. This week, I tried to do a punch to repair a phrase and every time I pushed RECORD on a track, the program crashed. They sent out a new beta this week but I haven’t installed it yet.

Also, I am running my audio system with a 424 PCI x card in my Windows machine, and I have a fear that the the guys at Motu are doing most of their testing with firewire interfaces, so many of the issues that I am having they are never seeing, that are coming up on my system. I post my issues and they fix them, but still DP 8 is not working well enough for me to even get it going to do enough a mix.

Much about DP I do like. I like being able to show/hide tracks, automation on top of the audio file, and others. I don’t care much for the drum editor, the view filter, others. Plus, I think the sound of the audio produced by DP 8 is not as thick as that produced in DP 7 and previous versions. This has been my issue with Cubase SX up until Cubase 5. DP sounded better, but since Cubase 5, I noticed a big improvement.

I do think Cubase 5 sounds different that Cubase 7 and I scratch my head and think Cubase 5 sounds better ??? I know the Vari-Audio in Cubase 5 was more accurate than Cubase 6 or 7.

Pardon my ramblings…What about you?

I like a a few things about DP 8, I own a copy and I have a go with doing a project in it time to time.

I can never get in gear long enough to roll with it, partly because Cubase is such a swiss army knife which I know well, and also because DP has two teeny problems that actually add up to being a show stopper– when using key commands to nudge notes there is a delay before the interface responds which I cannot get rid of, and tabbing in the midi editor does not work correctly. It gets stuck on one field. (also no key commands to nudge notes in the notation or score editor.)Their support staff noted the tabbing issue, the delay issue I’m still waiting on an answer (like three months :laughing: ) Motu support will send me a copy of DP 7 if I want it. It’s is nice to be able to phone into support, but outside of tutorial stuff I don’t think it makes a difference. There is no Motu forum, of course.

There are some very nice things about DP though. It has both sharps_and_ flats in the editors, :wink: a wonderful metronome, chunks and sequences that can be played with keystrokes. Also it is very well integrated in to the Mac OS, which is convenient. All in all, a quite elegant and consistent GUI. I also like having automation on top of the waveform when there are not too many parameters involved. I agree, the filters pale in comparison to the Logical Editors in Cubase.

I could never hear any difference between any two daws.

I had hoped Motu would be successful with their Windows release, because at this point Cubase does not really have any competition in the midi sequencing category, Logic is long in the tooth, and the others seem to be more focused on audio, or phrase playing, looping or DJ stuff. (Well, Cubase too)

I use the daw for transcribing, composing, arranging, and writing sheet music, and to create mock ups, and record demos. I mostly perform live.

Started out on Cubase 1.0 on the Atari in 1989, in Paris, France. When i came back to the States without my Atari I bought a Mac and fell in with folks using Studio Vision. That was a cool program.Of course Opcode got bought and closed.and I got into Cubase VST.

Nice to meet ya.


Nice to meet you too. I would have answered this much sooner, but I didn’t find your reply— for some reason I didn’t get a notice that you had posted after I posted.

Motu does have a forum, you might be aware of this.

Here is a link to their index page:

The followers of DP are a very loyal crew. To me, it seems they use DP and DP only without much variance.

I started on Cubase on the Mac back in 1992. DIdn’t Opcode do SoundDiver also? I used that program a lot back in the day when I was using all outboard midi gear.

I have found Studio One Pro to be a good contender. It is very similar to Cubase, but it allows for tracks to be shown in any configuration, and the automation lanes can be shown on top of the wavefile or midi files. I still do not understand why Steinberg is a hold-out on these issues. All the other DAWS (to my knowledge) have this feature and it seems so counterproductive to not allow us to have these two basic features. Studio One also has Melodyne integrated directly into the program through their ARA technology which allows the data to opened up in Meoldyne without having to play the song manually by using an insert. It’s pretty sweet. The Mastering side of the program is cool too. Full version that includes both song and project options sells for $399. It’s way cool.

I miss the days of Cubase 24 and VST 32 when the audio was automatically recorded into parts. I did a lot of radio commercial work back then and it was very easy to edit existing commercials that only needed a phrase change for a refresh with new merchandise. I could keep the shell totally intact with using the parts and gently glide the entire package along the timeline without any difficulty. I miss that, and I feel that the converting to parts and dissolve parts is so time consuming for no reason. It should be automatic, as midi parts automatically go into parts (imo).

Anywho, I’m working with the beta version of DP for Windows. They have a ways to go yet.

I will PM you with this as well, in case you miss this on the forum.

Well, it’s a 3rd party forum, very helpful but Moto does not participate.

I do 90% midi, so the audio stuff is secondary to me– at least for what a sound engineer would be using. Though I use the variable speed shuttle control in Cubase extensively for transcribing.

Yes, I noticed. I wonder how much of that is due to the learning curve involved in moving to another daw. The paradigm is so different, whereas Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Sonar all use a tracks and parts representation, DP is the only one left with this tracks and “regions” idea. I think Vision had that too. It’s a different ball game entirely.

Also some of those guys get defensive about DP, and the tone there is a bit saccharine for my taste.

It’s an interesting contrast in CS philosophy. Motu holds back release for more than a year of a new product so it can be more perfect (but not bug free of course). SB releases updates that some would say are not ready for prime time, and pretty lets the sh*t fly in the fan in the forum. Each has its advantages to the manufacturer and the users.

Add to the DP features I lust after for Cubase: Scrubbing all midi tracks simultaneously by dragging the cursor.

Off - Topic: Ok. How does that work? :nerd:

It’s easier to just check it out than to explain in detail. Set up key commands for “Shuttle Play 1/2x” and the others Shuttle play commands.

If you write back, could you start a new thread?