Cubase 7.0.4 / Cubase Artist 7.0.4 announcement

Dear Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7 users,

We are happy to announce the upcoming and long awaited 7.0.4 maintenance update for Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7!



  • • Visibility improvements
    • Exclusive mode for channel strip modules
    • New loudness meter options

Chord Track

  • • PitchCorrect Chord Track integration
    • Improved Make Chords function
    • Text Input for Chords
    • Chord Track preference “Hide muted Notes in Editors”


  • • New MIDI Reverse function Mirror
    • Adding a new MIDI track with increased channel
    • Import Karaoke Lyrics as Text


  • • ASIO Driver Setup wizard
    • VST Connection Helper
    • Mute VariAudio segments

Other improvements

  • • Return of the colour tool
    • Better handling of track pictures
    • Paste Relative to Cursor
    • Improved vertical Zooming
    • Improved Track/Channel Search
    • Faster Project load times
    • Modernized colour setup

Issues resolved:*


  • • Switching between project no longer resizes the projects.
    • A problem was solved that ocurred when closing Cubase.
    • The save time of the preferences and closing time of the application have been improved.
    • Deleting a barline now works as expected.
    • Splitting events in the project window with Follow Chord Track enabled no longer responds sluggishly.
    • Entering values in the transport panel behaves now as expected.
    • The default color handling of events works now as expected.
    • The Tempo Editor now follows the color settings as expected.
    • Folder tracks arm behaves now as expected.
    • The MediaBay now retains its always on top status.
    • The Cubasis importer works now as expected.


  • • Maximizing or reopening the MixConsole no longer affects the width of the channels.
    • Channels that are locked left or right are always visible now.
    • When mixers are linked, closing one of them does no longer not break the link.
    • Agent to show connected channels now takes all cases of Direct Routing into account.
    • Copy/pasting operations in the MixConsole updates the EQ Curve as expected.
    • The volume is no longer affected after selecting “Deactivate all listen states” in the Control Room.
    • The behavior of the Send Pan from a Stereo Channel to a Mono Group works now as expected.
    • The labeling of the MixConsole is displayed correctly after resizing the mixer.
    • Collapsed Channel Strip modules work now as expected when working with linked mixers.
    • The StudioEQ now works as expected using different sample rates.
    • The names of chained channels in the Channel Settings are now displayed correctly.
    • Zooming the MixConsole no longer affects the background graphics.
    • The size of the fader channel view has been adapted in relation to the mixer window.
    • The scroll bar of the MixConsole is now displayed correctly.
    • The “Link Mixer” command works now as expected.
    • The level meter of the SurroundPan behaves now as expected.


  • • The sound quality of VariAudio has been improved and segment transitions no longer create audible glitches (please see known issues and solutions for details).
    • After pitching scales in VariAudio the audio updates faster than before.
    • Clicking on Undo using VariAudio no longer renders the application unreliable.
    • The correct waveform is now displayed after bouncing in place.
    • Drag & dropping audio files from OS X’s Finder to Cubase no longer renders the application unreliable.
    • Using the Offline Process History no longer renders the application unresponsively.
    • The “Tail” function of the Audio/Plugin process no longer renders the application unreliable.
    • The timestretching values now behave as expected after closing and reopening the project.


  • • Turning the drive parameter of the Vintage and Tube Compressors to high values no longer affects the panorama.
    • Using the MonoDelay as an offline process works now as expected.


  • • Drawing many MIDI parts with many notes and/or controller data no longer creates performance issues.
    • Exporting MIDI files with lyrics works now as expected.
    • Recording in MIDI editors now work as expected.
    • The MIDI length adjustment finally no longer works unexpected during export and import.
    • The cycle range visibility in the Key Editor now behaves as expected.


  • • The step-input and the MIDI-input of the Score Editor works now as expected.
    • The Score Editor Font underline works now as expected.


  • • Mackie Control Jogwheels scroll smoothly now.
    • The Jog value is no longer locked to the zoom factor.

_ Please note that this list applies to Cubase 7 and not every entry may apply to Cubase Artist 7._*

The 7.0.4 Update will be available from May 15, 2013 on as a free download.

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt
Team Leader Product Marketing Group
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

veeeery good … great news… Thanks to steinberg team

I was happy when i saw 7.03 announcement, but now, i have overjoyed feelings about 7.04 . It makes me very happy :stuck_out_tongue:

Praying I can finally start using C7 with this update.

Some late nights @ the Steinberg HQ to sort all these issues!

Love it! Thank you so much!

Any news on the plugins hiding behind the mixer when the mixer is full screen issue?

About the search track/channel, can we assign a keyboard shortcut to search now?

Thank you guys!!

Ps: I’m also super happy about the MCU Jogwheel!! It sounds like we’ll be able to decide if we want a fixed speed or adjust to zoom …

maybe for next update you could fix the fader groop buttons?

• New MIDI Reverse function Mirror

What?! Are you kidding? I mean, wow. Whoa. Yay. (okay, take a breath)

Plus they beat my expectation by a week, still proving my statistical behavior analysis of the forum users was correct. :wink:

DP 8 might have some competition after all. :wink:

“PitchCorrect Chord Track integration”

What does this mean/do?

ding dong :smiley: :smiley: :open_mouth: … but will it make a complete mess of the install already installed like 7.3 did ???

• Import Karaoke Lyrics as Text :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :smiling_imp:


  • I see ‘Modernized colour setup’ : it’s more or less admitting that what has been implemented in 7.0.x wasn’t… So, care to explain why implementing it, destroying what was perfectly working until 6.5 ? Curious to see what the ‘Modernized’ implementation is all about : resurrrection of the ‘Appearance / Work area’ page ?

  • Do we still have the horrible white masked project cursor ? I don’t see anything about it…

  • How about the grid lines and buttons display tweaking ? Nothing about this either…

  • And what about the resources used, the loading time of VSTi samples libraries, the ASIO guard, the extension of RCE usage to Generic Remote devices ?

Think more and more that C6.5.4 is the last Cubase version which 'll use in the future…

Sounds really good!

Wow, it looks like I’ll still be unable to use Cubase 7. No mention of the known issue where a lot of Mac users get the short spikes/freezes. Last I heard from Steinberg is that they were able to reproduce the problem in their lab so I was hoping it would get a priority status since there are a lot of Mac users who have had to roll back to 6.5. I purchased 7.0 when it first came out and to date have not been able to use it.

Let’s say I’m speechless… From Steiny headquarters, it’s surely more important than fixing the crippled UI, among others… :unamused:

Question… any chance “Improved vertical Zooming”


this feature request?

that will be yamaha’s input as it’s their favourite past time :wink:

Or a well hidden feature request from users living in Hamburg japanese quarter…

Seriously… What are they thinking about ? C7 is crippled by bugs and regressions and they feel like nothing is more urgent than this… :confused:

Really. Is that hyperbolic?

Maybe, but I don’t think that an update expected by a lot of us as a fix/correction one should implement this kind of ‘feature’. Let’s say the tempo is wrong : I wouldn’t have mind seeing it in a 7.1.7 update…

they are clearly working hard, some fixes might take 5 mins… some fixes (perhaps the one you are waiting for) might take longer to resolve… you can’t argue that they are working hard and working incredibly fast at trying to fix all the issues…

I’m happy with what I see.

Sure they are and I even think that there is a kind of panic somewhere in Hamburg. So, is the timing for this kind of feature implementation the right one ? I let it to your thinking…

An added and innocent observation : why are there so much issues at first place ?

And another one : a lot of issues for which I’m waiting fixes are regressions from 6.5 whch were anything but necessary. So, I am just waiting (without holding my breath) at least an acknowledgement of them…

I assume the PitchCorrect plugin can now correct pitch not only to the nearest tone in scale, but also to the nearest tone in the actual chord, following the Chord Track. Nice!