Cubase 7.0.4

Chop chop, hurry up…

  • +6dB export error
  • retarded mono/stereo indication implementation
  • auto “rebuilding/resizing” (read auto messing up!) mixer
  • forgetting mixer settings after F3 toggling
  • Cut off not recording with HalionSonic SE

These are not annoyances, but B I G overlooked flaws
Get your act together and release an ultra urgent interim build PLEASE

Let’s not forget VariAudio 2.0 is still broken and unusable.

That too, wasn’t too much on my radar as i only use midi, but yes might be more MAJOR FLAWS
really I don’t understand how they can introduce unsollicited crap (like mono/stereo) and just plain BREAK stuff like realtime export monitoring with +6dB, inconsistent mixer resizing behaviour, which is BREAKING stuff, while trying to implement unsollicited crap, like auto rezising or something!!! while other obvious bugs are not being squashed.
I mean the SE edition of their flagship rompler not even capturing cutoff. Come on…

I just want a DAW that works, don’t care about a default mixer view, but once I layed out MY mixerview I want it to stay that way. I DON’T WANT AUTOPOPULATING OF MIXER COMPONENTS IN A WAY THE MIXER “THINKS” IS THE SMARTEST. don’t interfere!!!
I also don’t need losing 5% of my mixer screen estate telling me and SPELLING OUT IN FULL which track is mono or stereo. FFS I KNOW which of my tracks are MONO or STEREO, if you don’t know, get a different craft or hobby. It’s not a TELETUBBIE DAW Now is it?!?

Sorry for the rant guys, but I’m sick of it. Screen estate being hijacked, graphics killing workflow, everything looking like touchpad ready. The default colour scheme of the arrangement view changed again
In the piano roll key colours being swapped white keys being black and black keys being white, WTF thought that was funny huh?!?

really Steinberg stop fooling around with this kind of BS. get your act together, keep the GUI, keep the mixer, but give us a sober, well performing, no nonsense, tactile performing GUI DAW BACK!
it starts to feel like a toy catering for noobs with too much eye candy rather than the tactile core of a studio.

hanging on close…add that to the list…

That’s a problem i luckily don’t have. had it in the past using Automap, but since i took out my IMPULSE controller no more issues closing Cubase, but I feel you, if it’s not Automap related and it affects your setup.


And bring back the curve EQ inside the inspector!

Yeah, the “mono” “stereo” is just lame. At least give me the choice to NOT see it. I have an Avid Artist Control surface, a fairly pricey item that STILL shows hidden channels (even after the purported “solved” marking by SB). I started another thread on this topic simply asking for either “works here, must be your system” or “confirmed issue” but NO repsonse.
I don’t know about you guys, but everytime I fire up C7 I feel like I’m wrestling with it to get it to do what I want. And once I have things settled down, something usually just glitches out and I have to start over.
I’m VERY meticulous in maintaining my DAW and it is tweaked to be solid and reliable. And it is, except for C7.
I’ve been with Cubase a long time, but right now I’m coasting on inertia, and that’s it. I’m growing frustrated as I try to work though the issues brought on by C7.


channel strip window do not rezie. The equalizer do but not the strip view.

Yes ! Please !

And to all ‘angry birds’ :
You’ve been tricked into PPBT ( public_pay for_beta testing )
This usually takes place during the first half year after a major release.
Sometimes it lasts a year …

If you don’t like being angry, just buy 9 month after release.
After the first long wait, all following updates will come in ‘normal’ intervals !

The downside :
You won’t be able to get attention, for your own personal issues.
( but then … Steinberg can only fix major issues, anyway. )


Did you try the C7 trial version first? I’m lucky that C7.0.3 runs very well here, but I don’t use a control surface. I look forward to starting C7 - for what I do it’s a joy. I do accept though that many people have serious issues. Perhaps the next update will address them - how do we know what Steinberg are working on? Is there a page to view with a list of issues being fixed?

No. I just bought it. With the expectation that there may be issues in an early release. My setup is such that I can slide hard drives in and out so if things don’t go well I can just slide a known-working drive back in and be up and running. So I can stick C 6.5 in and roll if I so choose. So I’m not stuck in any untenable situation.

I suppose all new versions have issues and early adopters adopt at their own risk. So I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. Still though, there truly are a lot of issues with this release that SB will need to work through. And I’m sure they will. I just wish I’d gotten a response on my control surface thread so I would know how to proceed. Seems like a reasonable request.


Am I allowed to add what’s described in here : ? Keeps me from testing C7 further. I simply can’t get used to it, would it only be for the white masked project cursor… Who on earth decided to add such a crap ? :confused:


+1 from me too, as well the ability for the user to:

  • to set background color in Visibility and Zones track list in mix console independently (apologies if this is available)
  • if they want the gradient in the mix console or not
  • if they want to see the mono - stereo labeling in mix console, whatever the final version might be

And Steinberg PLEASE…do don’t give us new features by taking old away!!


I don’t necessarily think that it’s entirely lame, BUT would definitely like an option to not see it also.

It IS lame, if you don’t know if you’re tracks are mono or stereo you should choose another hobby…

Problems when importing from Cubasis for iPad! It worked great under 7.02, now I see only the form of the wave file, without file inserted in. Please fix that as well!!!

Yeah, roll on 7.04 with VARIAUDIO FIXED!

Has someone forgotten to take their Thorazine? :stuck_out_tongue: