Cubase 7.0.5 is great. Thank You Steinberg.

Instead of starting to nag about everything I wanted to put out another kind of post.

I love Cubase 7. It has brought me customers and you can do basically anything with it. I just wanted to thank Steinberg for making this software better on every revision and this forum is great. So is the possibility to ask for personal help.

Thank you Steinberg for this wonderful software. My customers have been amazed about like AudioWarp function etc. You have made my life better and I’m sure that future revisions will be even better.

Thank You.

Does it make fries? :laughing:

Cubase is a great peice of sw - always has been. But sometimes, I want to fly to Hamburg and spank some of the people who think that “this and that” are good ideas. Like taking away the KC for ‘Input Tempo’. WTF?!?!?


I’m sorry it does not make fries. I wish it did :smiley:

Don’t know if you ever used previous versions, mindastray, but as a reminder, just in case :

  • C7 takes much more resources and loading time than even C6.5, especially with samples based VSTis : takes ages to load samples libraries. As an example : loading the same 380 Mb E-MuX custom samples library takes 14 s in 6.5.4 and around 22-23 s with C7… This with a noticeable lack of responsiveness, especially when opening the MixConsole.

  • ASIO guard, as well as RCE are completely useless for me : the first one adds even more ASIO consumption, and the second one is not even able to manage my two generic remote devices.

  • There are several and major regressions concerning the UI : among others, there is no more preferences ‘Appearance/Work area’ page which was containing essential settings concerning, mainly, the grid lines display. In the same way, the ‘Appearance/General’ one has been reduced to almost nothing. Add to this the horrible white masked project cursor (which alone prevents me from using C7 on a daily basis) and the strange behavior of the ‘R’ and ‘W’ buttons in the FX/Group tracks of the tracks list… I’ll end here, having been already warned for being to adamant about all these…

  • Should I add all the quirks and issues concerning the MixConsole ?

  • And now another new one : despite all what is above, I was happily surprised about the stability of C7, at first. This is sadly no more the case : with 7.0.5, I experienced several crashes just by closing the MixConsole window after tweaking things in it. This to a point that I almost not even launch C7 anymore, even for tests…

All this begins to make a lot, after having paid 150 € for the upgrade, expecting a lot about the RCE and without even thinking that there could have been as much regressions concerning the UI. Happily, I still have C5.1 & 6.5 at disposal.

So, keep on enjoying C7 as much as you can. I don’t, but to each his own…

Thank You for your post. However I haven’t experienced any of those problems. Even if I hate this new cursor too. But let’s see what happens, maybe they’ll change it.

I agree that respect for a company that listened to the status quo…delivered features far beyond those found in any other current DAW is ok! I’m well impressed with C7 …yes there’s a few niggles to iron out however the depth of features that do work very well …is astounding!!! Well done Steinberg…great products!!!

it’s simple to check :

  • If you are using samples based VSTis, how long does it takes to have your projects ready to be used compared to previous versions (if you have one of them installed) ?
  • What is your ASIO consumption with C7 compared (again, if you have one of them oinstalled) to one of the previous versions ? And what do you honestly think of its responsiveness compared to them ?
  • Are you able to use, in an efficient way, ASIO guard ?
  • If having generic remote devices defined, are you able to use them with the RCE ?
  • Do you have, in the preferences, an ‘Appearance/Work area’ page which allows you to precisely set with cursors the relative display intensity of the three levels of the vertical grid lines as well as the horizontal one ?
  • Do you have, still in the preferences, an ‘Appearance/General’ one which allows you to precisely set the colors display as well as the buttons one ?
  • As you honestly acknowledged the white masked cursor, I’ll let it aside…
  • Do you have, in the FX/Group tracks of the track list, the ‘R’ and ‘W’ buttons which disappear as they should when narrowing these tracks ?
  • Are you able to use efficiently the MixConsole without any display issue ?
  • As you have 7.0.5, does it remains stable even after closing few times the MixConsole and after having made tweakings in it, especially concerning in the inserts or the color in the preferences ?

If everything is up compared to any previous version, then congrats ! You are one of the happy few for who C7 is indeed the best… Just to be as honest as possible, letting aside as much as possible all my anger accumulated since more than six months : I sincerely hope that, sooner or later, i’ll be as pleased as you using C7. This is not a personal attack, far from it. Simply, after having used and upgraded regularly Cubase since the SL/SX2 days, I’m still wondering how can someone be happy with C7 compared to previous versions…

Just two questions :

  • did you ever use C6.5 or, maybe even better, C5.1 ?
  • And if so, what are the new features in C7 (letting aside the chord tracks) that makes it so special to use against these ?

oh, C7 has many great new features:

  • VST Connection
  • the mix console (all in one view, complete drag/drop&copy/paste, quick link, new grouping, scalable, channel zones, view sets, plugin/channel search, channel strips, etc.)
  • new channel settings window
  • A-B plugin comparison buttons
  • MemZap Zoom
  • new Remote Control Editor
  • Voxengo´s CurveEQ
  • Asio Guard
  • Intelligent Midi Chord Assistance
  • Vari Audio 2.0
  • Hermode Tuning
  • etc.

P.S: you do not find anything great, but there are many users who love C 7. :wink:
But yes, that´s right: actually we ve problems with its GUI, but Steinberg will fix it soon. (hope so) :slight_smile:

Fine. So, let’s take a further look at all this :

  1. VST Connection : I guess that you are talking about the VST Connect SE. Sorry but I don’t use it and don’t think I’m the only one. I don’t think that having an internet online activity while using Cubase is the best way to use it. There are several other solutions for sharing work on the net. So, it’s disabled and will never be used, here.

  2. The MixConsole : well… A clumsy attempt to bring a brand new way of doing mixing tasks. Call me retarded if you want, but what I would have liked is an extended C6 mixer with inserts ans sends on the same view, not this clumsy and half-baked solution we have, presently, now (7.0.5) even leading to crashes when tweaking in it.

  3. It’s a part of the brand new MixConsole : see my previous point…

  4. A-B plugin comparison buttons : this one is useful, I admit. Sadly, striggling with all the Ui issues and quirks already staed, I didn’t take the chance to use it, yet. But I admit that it is useful…

  5. MemZap Zoom : same as above.

  6. new Remote Control Editor : as I stated already, it’s useless if you don’t have a device included in the very restricted list of predefined remote controllers. And my two generic remote devices are not part of it… This is a PITA, as it was the main reason for me to upgrade to C7.

  7. Voxengo´s CurveEQ : probably a plus for some, indeed, but i was already satisfied with was existing in 6.5.

  8. Asio Guard : as I already said, it’s useless ; it leads to even more ASIO consumption than without it, here.

9 ) Intelligent Midi Chord Assistance : this is a part of the chord tracks which, i admit, could be useful. Probably more or less consciously why I kept on until recently try to get something useful from C7…

  1. Vari Audio 2.0 : I didn’t test it, yet, as again, I was fighting with several other issues. But it’s well known to be buggy and, at its present state, doesn’t seem to bring something more compared to its previous version.

  2. Hermode Tuning : probably useful for some, but I don’t have use of it.

Sorry to say, but all this doesn’t counterbalance in any way all the issues listed in my previous posts.

good quote as there is always someone to destroy a feel good thread ! :wink:

Think I’ve made myself clear enough. But maybe you’re right : so, for your satisfaction, I’ll stop interviening in this thread. Feel free to praise C7 as much as you want.

Enjoy C7.0.5 ! :unamused:

Things that are awesome:
A/B Plugin States
Hermode Tuning

Things that would be great if they weren’t poorly executed:
VST Connection
ASIO Guard
Vari Audio 2.0
Mix Console Updates

Things that are superfluous for anyone who has been doing this for more than a few years:
Chord Track
Voxengo’s CurveEQ

Things that are borderline retarded:
Appearance Configuration Regressions
Project settings sometimes aren’t saved
Compromised stability vs. previous versions

Overall, the update has been “meh”. It’s not worth the level praise given here, IMHO.

+1 I can only concur. Cubase 7 and Steinberg has done great work!
I really like Cubase 7, works very great over here even in use of large project.
Asio guard and all other features work fine over here too include VST Connect.
Sure all can always improve and work even better but no big issues…

I have been around a long time on forums to often notice it comes down 9 of 10 to two things:

  1. User has made some horrible system tweaks they though was all good on XP that is actually totally wrong on Windows 7 and Windows 8 system.
    Often these stupid and wrong advice found over the Internet sites. They give you all horrible advice that they actually cause problems instead of solve anything. Even worse, some hardware manufactures copy this horrible wrong tweaks that they actually don’t know a s-hit about causing even more problem and confusion for the end users.

  2. Features functionality has change from previously version or work differently what the user expected.


I’m not saying you have done something wrong with your system. You’re issues my be real and valid.
But you should ask yourself why isn’t it working for you when it obviously work for so many others?
Have I done XP tweaks on Windows 7 / 8 on my system that shouldn’t done?

Here is some example go thru that apply to Windows 7 and Windows 8 and it works for all others too that have problems or have no problems with their system. Your system can actually work even better if you set it up right. :wink:

Don’t Disable AERO make it look like Windows 95. AERO need to be ON on Windows 7 and Windows 8! Use the latest Drivers from you vendors NVIDIA
or ATI.

2. Set the processor scheduler to “background task” is wrong Setting on Windows 7 and 8. IT SHALL BE SET to PROGRAM!
ASIO is not a background task. On Windows XP another story.

Note* I’m amazed that even Steinberg at page 24 in Operation manual advice some people to set to “background” only (on a single- CPU system), though meaning XP old systems. They should take it away completely or add to make it clear its only for users on Windows XP only, not on Windows 7 or 8. Windows 7 and 8 work and are complete different system.
It should be set to PROGRAM not BACKGROUND on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

3. It can be a good idea on some system to disable “core-parking” in Windows 7 and 8. This is advance operation true reg-edit so if you have no experience you can mess up your system pretty bad and completely.

Come back and tell me if you still have problems!

Best Regards

  • 1 !!
    Thank you very much for writing such a detailed (technical optimisation) and wonderful post (positive mood), Freddie!
    Nice to read in this grumbler´s forum…

I’ll chime in here as well. I got fed up with my previous DAW last month, purchased & starting working with 7.05
There may be issues too but in comparison C7 is a huge breath of fresh air.

After working with C7 I tried it briefly the other day & it was like driving granny’s car. It felt like an albatross around my neck with drop-outs, white-screens & total crap take lanes & other buggy features.

Since using it for over dozen years I’m just about ready to totally remove it & stop supporting the company completely. I now realize how much time & money I spent & wasted on it.

Grass is greener maybe but I’m just sayin’…

I (mostly) like where Steinberg is going with C7.

More importantly, I appreciate their listening to user feedback regarding new features and changes and implementing quick updates and fixes. That’s a feature in itself worth the price of admission!

Just waiting on UAD support and I’ll start actually migrating work to C6 instead of just “goofing around” with C7…

What a great post Freddy. I had set the processor to background task. Perhaps out of habit.
Cubase 7 is an excellent program and yes I been using Cubase from Cubase for Windows. I guess I’m crazy, but I do love the mixer. I find it fantastic.

Hi all and thanks for those kind reactions of my post.
I’m glad you all like it, I feel it always nice to help out each other.
:slight_smile: :wink:

Another successful day in the Studio with Cubase 7. Perhaps you need to be away and experience work with other DAWs to really appreciate how good Cubase 7 actually is. And yes, you are not alone to love the new mixer and the meters.

I just working with BIG Smile on my face in the studio. Cubase 7 work like a charm! :smiley:

Best Regards

I like SX1 & SX3 da most on windows.
Now I’m struggling wit Cubase 9 on Mac.
Itz okay but 2 buggy - all deez nu Features ain’t dat satisfying when U hav 2 deal wit problems previous versions didn’t hav.