Cubase 7.0.6 Removing inserts

How are you removing inserts in 7.0.6 from the mixing window?

I feel like I must be missing some simpler “proper” way to do this…

Prior to .0.6 you had to double click to open the plugin window, so I would single click, then hit delete. I always found this somewhat sketchy because the red selection line is barely visible and I was always afraid it wasn’t properly selected and I was about to delete a part or something else.

Now, it’s even worse, because if I click, it opens the plugin and when I close that window it’s deselected. So the only way I’ve found is dragging the insert to a new slot, then you get the red selection line, then hit delete.

There must be a better way. Please halp!

Cursor to right side of slot until arrow appears, click and select no effect.

or drag the insert out of the mixer deletes as well

thanks. I dig the drag it out of the mixer slots option.