Cubase 7.0.6 Very slow download....

My name is Nick and i recently got Cubase 7, so far i am loving it…
When i load it up, on the left it says there is an update (7.0.6) so i follow the links and try to download it.
It starts off very fast then slows right down 50-60 kb/sec … and has failed to download twice.
I am trying a third time as we speak and am hoping for the best…Why is it so slow and why would it error twice mid download?

Thanks for your time,

Nick :sunglasses:

Having the same problem and it’s very frustrating as it seems to always error after about 30min of the download.

Try downloading from here without having cubase open.

I did a download last evening without Cubase being open as the previous post suggests.
IT WORKED! been tryin all week with CB running and got nothing but Error at 90%.
Try It.