Cubase Crashing while loading EastWest

Hi Folks, I’m having a continuous crashing problem with and EastWest Hollywood instruments. I have done updates to EastWest Play and have the latest Cubase 7 already installed.

I was having no trouble whatsoever prior to this.

I am able to open other Cubase projects, so I think it’s isolated to this one project.

The only thing I can think of is that I am using too many instances of Play (10) for my Macbook to handle.

Is there a way I can open the project without triggering EastWest? I disconnected the external hard drives, but it still crashed while loading.

I can’t send the crash report because it’s too big for this forum.

Many thanks, Jeff

Hi , does anybody have any ideas??

Thx Jeff

Remove the Play plugin form you VST Plugins folder. The project will load with a message saying “instrument missing”, but if Play is the issue, it will not crash.

If it still crashes, you have a corrupt file elsewhere.

If you have frozen tracks, that would be a likely place for a corrupt file, and you can delete those so that the instrument has to load unfrozen. You can always re-freeze again.

I’ll look into it. Thanks