Cubase 7.0.7 e-licencer not update

hi been working with cubase 7.07 long years every month i uptdade e licencer but 2days ago not more? someone can help please?

What are the symptoms (screenshot welcomed), exactly ?

I fear that you are for a new USB e-Licenser key purchase, this, while contacting Steinberg support for a licence transfer from the old and no longer working key to the new one…

Are you using the latest e-licenser software? I just checked and it’s now on version [] for PC and [] for MAC. These were updated on 30th March.

I’m still happily running Cubase 7.5 although I was also getting strange e-licenser messages yesterday when starting Cubase so worth checking that you’re running the latest version?

Link below to download page:

Hope this helps!

hi thank you for answer .
i manage to put the code steingberg give to me in web page and i cannot update but i dont know exactly…cubase works well seems.
e-licencer is updated the control center to the last version but doesnt update normally like it did simply errors give to me . but i can work with cubase 7.0.7 like always.