Cubase 7.0.7 issues

I just updated my Cubase 7.0.6 to 7.0.7 , and there are a lot of problem!

  1. no click sound no matter how many times i restart my computer
    2)cant import video . I have the same issue when using 7.0.5 but problem fixed in 7.0.6. And now I cant import again in 7.0.6??
    3)In edit mode , all velocities looks the same. The way it shows red and blue to differenciate strong and weak are much better.

Anyone facing the same issue?
Maybe I’ll reinstall again and hope everything goes well this time.

  1. edit click in
    -Metronome setup

  2. cant help u there

  3. its fine in 7.5

Thanks for the info. Problem solved after installing Quicktime.