Cubase 7.0.7 - Problems after daylight saving time

Hello everyone.

I’ve been having some trouble after the last daylight saving time rescan (october 2016).
Although in the spring everything was ok, this time, Cubase hanged on numerous plugins and after much fiddling, including recreating the user pref folder, I managed to get it working again. A few weeks after that, I noticed two major problems for me.
First : Although in Cubase everything sounds fine, if I listen any exported audio with a media player, everything sounds more or less distorted, it’s like having plus 3-4 dB. Audio files exported prior the daylight saving time are ok.

Second : If I insert any plugin, it does not show up, and I have to do another left mouse click on it to appear. This didn;t happened before and I checked all options in preferences.

Does anybody know a solution ?

Thank you.