Cubase 7.0.7 quits at "Video File Handling"

I last ran Cubase a few months ago, and it ran fine then. Now when I run it, the splash screen appears, and it quits right where it says, “Initializing: Video File Handling.”

I have tried running it as administrator, as well as running it normally.

QuickTime is up to date.

I have an Nvidia graphics card and have tried rolling back the drivers.

I updated Cubase to 7.0.7. I am on Windows 10 and there have been some windows updates in the interim but I don’t think they can be rolled back.

My audio interface is an M-Audio Fast Track with the most recent drivers that I can find for it.

I really don’t need any of the video functions in Cubase. Is there a way to bypass this? If not, what else can I try?

In the Cubase program folder, in a “components” folder (i think), there are 3 .dll files for video. I think they all have video in the name of the file or something obvious. Just move them to the desktop or somewhere else to see if it helps.

Hi jaslan, thanks for the suggestion. I moved the specified files over, but the same problem still occurs.

It doesn’t look like anyone has any further suggestions, so I might have to uninstall & reinstall Cubase.

That’s not so bad, but does it mean that I’ll have to manually reinstall all of those VSTs?