Cubase 7.0.7 startup driver question

Hi, new to the forum and Cubase. I work in a school and we’ve just upgraded from 4.0.3 to 4.0.7 to try resolve some underlying issues we’re having, and a new dialog box has started appearing, where you get to select which driver you want to use.

Is there a way to disable this box on startup? it auto selects the driver we want to use and all the kids need to do is press okay… but they somehow dont even manage this.

Any help would be appreciated


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A thought for you…

Not sure what audio devices or computer OS you are using but, if they are external audio interfaces on a Windows PC, make sure they are connected and powered on and recognized by the computer before starting Cubase. This issue was corrected in a later version of Cubase. I think CB 8.

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It’s windows 10 Edu x64 (1803), connected to a Scarlett 2i4 and everything works as intended, drivers load properly, software loads properly, but on software load an additional dialogue box shows up, i was just hoping to remove that dialogue box as it wasn’t there in version 7.0.3 and it’s just an additional thing for the students to get wrong when starting up the software

If there are other drivers list in the dialog box that are not needed, try deleting them.

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