cubase 7.0 or 7.05?

Hi…so far I am using 7.0…no problems…what are the benefits of updating to 7.05?..I have read somee articles on here about people updating and then some of their vst dont work…cant find library (halion se)…etc…so I am torn either too or not too do it…I do have one wish…you spend $500. for a product…they should give you a paperback operating manual to go with it…I simply hate going bug eye on the computer reading a pdf version of it…its simplier to just to turn the page and rad it on the couch…no I dont want to print out the 500 plus page manual. I am sure they could have done a short tutorial on paper with the basic stuff to get u more familar with their product…watching videos…then returning to the program I feel stops the workflow…one last thing…can the project button be moved to the arranger window?..IMAC 2.9 mountain lion osx 10.8.3 8 gigs of ram

Aloha B,
I have not read many posts like yours.

IMHO this is a classic example of: ‘If it ain’t broke’.

From my POV the updates have mainly been for maintenance.
No new ‘show stopper’ ‘gotta have’ killer features.

Paper manuals have seem to have gone the way of the Dodo.

But the way you put it makes me think that a paper manual these days
would be a kool new feature that many users would gladly
pay a bit more to have.

I can see the advertisement now:
‘Steinberg gets retro and brings back paper manuals’!
Buy your copy now!


It´s really quite simple, though it seems very hard to understan for some: what happens to some people here does not necessarily happen to everyone - if it´s gonna happen to you - you will only know, if you try…
The benefits can be found in the “issues and solutions” pdfs that usually come with each release…

Discussed to death already - you won´t get one…

what is the “project button”?

It’s important to install the updates if you want to get the best out of it and be active in trying to influence future developments via feedback (be ready to be branded a moaner though :slight_smile: ).

You can always use a disk image to return to previous versions as many people do if its not for you.

It’s good to chill out with a manual whilst not being stuck in front of a PC, it could be offered as an optional extra in the days of download stores, though a hand held device is good, especially as there are so many “see page xx” in SB manuals.

What project button?

Or an easier option is system restore ,it’s always a good idea to make a restore point before doing any updates so if you need to roll back then … but as you say it’s also good to keep a disk image spare :wink:

As the OP is on a Mac, the is no System Restore. And certainly no need for creating a disk image.

You can simply copy Cubase to a new name, like Then, after you install the update the original is still there, you can launch it normally.

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oh yer sorry about that :blush: :blush:

i see the wisdom in only offering the Manual as a PDF particularly in light of the ongoing development release cycles constantly and rapidly making any operation instructions and procedures more and more incorrect and obsolete.
What’s the point of a paper manual which is full of wrong information?
That being said, the PDF should be in a perpetual state of revision, and just as the software itself is constantly updated, so should revised editions of the PDFs be published from time to time! At the very least an “errata” or Revision sheet should be made available preferably with a software update which affects operation of the software.