Cubase 7.0.X-made project on 7.5.3

I’m experiencing the occasional wonkiness with a project like the topic title suggests. Random actions tend to invoke that famous ‘Cubase has encountered an error’ dialog w/ the ‘Ok’ / ‘Cancel’ buttons, with greater frequency than my trustworthy 7.0.4 build. Something tells me it’s related to using a project made on an old version w/ the new one…

I did a complete install of 7.5. In fact, the upgrade didn’t work on my slave system, at all :imp: despite trying for several hours (at an important session, no less. No other options, as the complete install is 6 GB over studio wifi -_-) . I believe that my prefs were imported from the older version.

has anyone experienced this type of behavior? I think 7.5.3 is a great release and would like to take advantage of some of the track visibility (I guess) but the loss of stability has made forfeit a couple of valuable takes and 30m of editing on a song, and that’s unacceptable. I’d like to be able to fix it!

Let me know if you’ve rectified something like this, or could shed any light on what’s causing this to happen. Preferences seems unlikely, but I may very well be incorrect.


Have you tried to disable the Steinberg Hub, and starting Cubase in safe mode ?