Cubase 7.01 temp freeze

iMac 3ghz, OSX 10.8.2

Since upgrading to Cubase 7 (7.01) I experience sudden “freezes” while recording, mixing, actually also while not doing anything, when Cubase is open. “Freeze” means the mouse pointer stops responding, no keyboard response, total system lockup. Usually for a second sometimes a little longer. Afterwards I can work as before.

This happens even in an empty project while I am just staring at the screen twiddling my thumbs waiting for inspiration. Unfortunately it also happens during audio recording which of course means I can’t realistically record segments longer than a minute or so.

It seems as if Cubase is doing something in the background and needs to think every now and then. But then that has never been a problem with Cubase 6 on my computer.

I am recording to a dedicated external hard drive through one of the USB 2 busses. Using an 828MK2 Firewire interface. For testing I quit all other quit-able applications but Cubase. Disabled backup software & Time Machine, Dropbox and any networking.

Still doing it though.

Any ideas?



Enable background services in windows

I’m having the same exact problem on a Mac. I also have a Motu 828. I wonder if it has something to do with the Motu driver. Very, very frustrating to experience these kinds of hangs after dropping $500 on a program.

Peter-- Did you ever figure this out? I am having the same exact problem. I’ve tried everything short of reformatting my entire drive and starting from scratch. I’ve tried using firewire instead of USB, i’ve updated the firmware of my SSD, deleted Cubase prefs, etc. I just installed Cubase 7 and it had these symptoms from the start. Incredibly frustrating. I never experienced an issue like this during 2+ years of using Logic.