Cubase 7.03 - 7.04 Plugin Windows off screen

Every time I select a plugin to open it goes off screen at the top left monitor with only the bottom of the plugin showing which I cannot grab with the mouse to bring it back on screeen. I’m using two 22" HP monitors. This started to happen in Cubase 7.03.

Cubase 7.04 x64
Windows 7 x64

You can use this software to get you out of trouble.

Experiment with changing your multi screen setting…swap the primary monitor and then swap it back and see if any difference.
Trashing prefs may be worth a try though not too sure it will help in this case.

Nvidia graphics? Update the driver or roll back if you recently updated it!

This is not a graphics card issue as the plugin windows is within Cubase. I don’t have this issue with Cubase 6 or Pro Tools 10 on the same machine. I did use Sheepdog as a workaround.