Cubase 7.03 don't follow my Euphonix Mix artist


I have a problem with this function that worked on cubase 5 and 6 .
The mixer of Cubase 7.03 don’t follow my Artist mix when I press the buttons " Bank" , " Nudge" or "Home and “End”
I thought the 7.03 update would solve this problem but no!
someone would have the answer?

Thank’s a lot!

So far, this feature is working on my setup. But I’ve found the Artist Mix software to be anything but realiable. Maybe you could uninstall the Eucon software and reinstall (the latest version of course) and try it again. I had to mess around with this a bit to get things to work.

Good luck,


Ok thank’s a lot!
the mixer of cubase scroll when you push these buttons?
I’ll try to reinstall

I reinstall EuControl 2.7 and it is always the same, the mixer of cubase does not follow scrolling, I must necessarily pass through all the mouse to scroll.

I don’t know if that applies to you but, in the Avid Audio Forum, mods have said that is a known bug that Auto Bank To Selected Track is broken in 2.7. I’ve downgraded to 2.6.2 and now when I select a track in C7.0.3 my MC Mix scrolls to the track. However when I scroll the banks in the MC Mix the C7 mixer doesn’t follow it unless I select another channel in MC Mix.
I would like that C7 mixer will follow the MC Mix views.