Cubase 7.03 It is slowly closed

After updating up to Cubase 7.03 program began to be closed slowly, it is more than minute! Cubase 7.0 it was closed almost instantly. It is a mistake in the new version?

Yes and for a week when cubase close I have a freeze and lost of ASIO …

The 64 bit version of cubase takes at least a few minutes to close for me. However, when i tested the 32 bit version, it closed almost instantly.

My guess is that you are probably referring to the 64 bit version and cubase may be struggling with one of your bridged vsts. I used to jbridge. this may be the issue, not sure though

I have understood a mistake. Remove defaults.xml but save adjustments Preferences before removal{distance}. Will quickly close but adjustments should be established again.

The file is on a way - c:\Users\Manager\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 7_64\ defaults.xml
“Manager” - a name of your account in OS.

Save the data - they can be lost if not to save!!!