Cubase 7.04/7.5 crashes on my W7

HI there
After working fine for months, C7 7.04 keeps on crashing on startup with my Pc i7/3970X/Asus Rampage IV/16GB extreme, I can’t even re install it ! I took out the vstplugin folders etc… ev
even tried to upgrade to 7.5 but I can’t install it :frowning:
please help :wink:

Now tell us what actually happens when you can’t do all these things.

I launch cubase 7 and … (see attached pic.)

That looks like something you could get when running the installer…rather than launching Cubase as you are saying.
Can you confirm what you are saying is correct?

And if that is the case, also say what happens when you try to re-install or update…more info from you gives more chance of getting help.

actually it does the same thing when launching the app or the installer

Are you using an Admin account when installing?
I suggest you deinstall Cubase completely (incl. prefs, Registry etc. then reinstall from scratch. The procedure is outlined somewhere - either in this Forum or on the support pages.