Cubase 7.04 and Reason 7 rewire

As of yesterday, I’ve been working on a song with Reason 7, which then rewired to Cubase 7.03 and everything is cool. Now when I go to Export Audio Mixdown, reasons audio and Cubase’s audio is all out of sync. I have a few other songs that are used the same way no problems. So, I’m wondering if this is specific to this song which has automation in Reason and Cubase. I’m lost to what the problem could be. I’ve bounced all tracks to audio from reason and I can continue to work. It’s just time comsuming working like that. Anybody had anything similar happen to them :question:

Yes, just now!

I’m on 7.0.5 at the moment, I’m bouncing real time as I’ve got outboard gear but the reason rewired audio comes in early and makes a complete hash of it.

What a mess.

I don’t even bother rewiring anymore. I would get timing issues with audio too, and the first notes on my midi loops won’t play until looped back around.

Wow! Still an issue… :frowning:

Still an issue here too. Has been last year in fact. Have not been able to fix it!

… and that Media bay STILL does not support REX files - EVEN though this was promised years back, goes to show that Steinberg couldnt care less about Propellerheads

Please the mentioning of that bothers me. :angry: :laughing: Neither side will come clean…

I’ve found that with the issue of MIDI timing in Cubase Rewiring is much much less efficient.

You end up playing notes and it sounds fine but when you bounce a track the timing is all wrong.

Thankfully Reason has MIDI OUT now so I don’t even need Cubase for composition, only mixing and vocal edits really.