Cubase 7 - 1 License, 1 user, two computers.

I leaving on a trip over the holidays and I’m wondering if I can load Cubase 7 on my laptop and pull my USB eLicenser/dongle and put it on my laptop for the trip, or does Steinberg require me to buy two licenses for each copy?
Also, if the laptop gets stolen, do I have to buy another copy of Cubase? :cry:


yes you can install cubase 7 on your laptop and insert the dongle to laptop and use it.

if your laptop gets stolen steinberg will buy u another one :laughing:

now seriously . if the licensed dongle gets stolen its gone. you have to buy the full priced product again to use it.

ok, thanks. the theft part might be a deal breaker. given where I’m traveling to. :laughing:

Aloha j and I understand.

I just want to add some ‘old man’ thoughts on this.

When I travel I see my dongle as I see
my guitar or my wallet or my passport.

I see them as very precious items and
I keep an eye on them 24/7. Without exception.

But I do still travel with a Cubase rig because
you can’t beat the inspiration that might happen
simply because of the trip.

And having my Cubase set-up there to
take advantage of that is really awesome.

And yes it might be a lil rough $$ wise;
but you CAN get another dongle.

What you may not be able to get back is that
moment of inspiration.


Is it not possible to buy a second dongle, a copy version of the original?

new laptop? cool.
Thank you Steinberg, great solution!

That would defeat the whole purpose of having a dongle.

Of course you could buy another license and put that on another dongle.

As long as you have registered your Cubase ownership with Steinberg (I guess you have, as you’re posting here) I believe they are not completely inflexible when a dongle is lost or stolen. Just don’t make a habit of it :slight_smile:

Its a long flight (14 hours one way). Just thought it would be a good time to explore some new features and play. :slight_smile:

Ok, here is the new plan. I’m going to cheat on Cubase (sorry honey, but you won’t put out. I’m thinking with my dongle)… :laughing:
I’m going to download a trial version of Abelton Live and or Reaper or something else and play with it on my long flight. I’ll come back to the one I love after my fling… :laughing:

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Where can I buy a laptop that work 14 hours on batteries?

Maybe take a nap, watch a movie, play with the computer, read a book…

Usually you take more than one battery with you, some companies offer extended batteries that are bigger than the normal batteries, I get 8 hours plus from my Lenovo extended batteries so 2 of them cover it, one is sometimes enough if the work is not constant over 15 hours

There are settlements for this case in Steinberg’s knowlegde base here (access via MySteinberg account):

There is a simpler solution that buying another dongle or bring your dongle :

see this post I made on another forum Sharing dongles over LAN and Internet | VI-CONTROL

It allows you to share your dongle over internet ( with password access, to avoid any “virtual thieft” of your license )

Works perfectly, some 3 seconds slow hang of cubase sometimes like when you open it or the first time you open the midi editor but apart from that the experience is 98 % the same.
I strongly advise you to test the demo before buying it .

Good news it’s cross platform.

Hi Romain.

I read your post (March 2010) regarding using Eltima Network Gate.

I travel with my laptop (& Cubase 7) but fear damaging or losing my dongle. So to be able to access my elicencer across the Internet would be a dream come true.

I’ve downloaded eltima network gate and can access my dongle across different computers on the same network - But (a big But) I’m not at all skilled in remote Internet access to PCs. I’ve never tried it in any respect.

I’ve checked Eltima website for guidance but it’s all gobbledegook to me. I assume I need to first purchase some remote networking software first (“netviewer” or similar?) and then work from there.

I was wondering if you might have time to give me an idiots guide to how I could set up facility which means my dongle is safely left in my home PC and I can access the Steinberg licences across the Internet from my laptop.