Cubase 7 32 bit cannot find Reaktor VST

Hello all.

After having a few stability issues with the 64 bit version of Cubase 7.04 I have recently installed the 32 bit version as well. This seems more stable but one problem I have found is that the Reaktor VSTs do not appear in the 32 bit version - they don’t show up in the plug in manager, and the instruments and effects are not there. I have tried copying the relevant DLL files from the 64 bit version, and also setting the VST paths in the plug in manager, but nothing helps. I have even reinstalled the Reaktor part of Komplete 7 but to no avail.

The VSTs show up in the 64 bit version and are there as standalone programmes, and all the other NI VSTs show up, but for some reason not Reaktor.

Could anyone suggest a solution?

Many thanks!

Did you copy the 64 bit .dll files or the 32 bit .dll files to the Cubase folder?

I think that must have been it. There’s nothing on the Reaktor DLLs to say if they’re 64 or 32 bit, so I found some older DLLs that I had used with an earlier version and copied them over. They loaded perfectly.

Thanks for your help!

In the future, I recommend leaving the .dll files where the installer puts them. Use the “Plug-in Information” display in Cubase to add the paths to the .dll files. Since the installer keeps them in separate folders you won’t get them mixed up and when an update comes out the installer will be easily able to find them. Lastly, if you using multiple versions of Cubase you don’t have to copy the .dll file to multiple locations.