Cubase 7,5,1 Audio dropouts when recording


I have a problem that does not seem to be the same as previously reported at this forum. It occurs when I am recording audio, and hence is not touching anything on the computor.

I get Audiodropouts when recording in Cubase 7,5,1. This when I for example create an Audio file, like monofile, record while listening to the previously recorded material - both audio and midi files. Its the same even with very limited amount of tracks, hence very far from overload of memory and CPU, which is all fine.

Playback of other tracks already recorded is not affected so I don´t hear that there will be an audio dropout whilst recording, and it is only when I play back the recorded audio track in quieston that I find out that suddenly the track/file gets quite. I have also checked the actual audio file, and it is the same in the acutal file.

MIDI/Instrument files is not affected.

My setup is Cubase 7,5 (7,5,1), 64 bits. Windows 7, 64 bits, 8 GB ram, Processor Intel ® Core™ i5 CPU M450 @ 2,40 Ghz. Audiocard USB Lexicon Lambda. I also use Cubase iC Pro (IOS, like Iphone or Ipad).

All this worked fine in 7,5 and previous versions.

Please feed back if you have similar issues, and/or solutions to this problem.

Thanks in advance,

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