Cubase 7.5.1 Vs Logic X Pro Test on Mac

Hallo, this is a test just for curiosity not for Judge, Im currently under Cubase 6.5.5 and I would like to upgrade to 7.5.1 but Im on Mac, I’ve read all topics and seems to be differences on situation, money to invest are same 'couse Logic price looks like Cubase Upgrade costs. Then please don’t remove the posts if someone is interested to test with me will be appreciated.

Ok I’m doing my test finally, i’ve a new hd with OSX 10.8.5 I don’t want test on Mavericks yet (imho). Installed Logic X pro 10.6 and Cubase 7.5.1 (from my friend), I will let you know this weekend the results. The machine is a Mac Pro 6 core 3.3ghz Xeon, 16gb ram, 2 internal HD 10kRpm. Audio board Fireface UFX, external outboard SPL Vitalizer 2, Elysia Xpressor, FMRaudio RNC. Instruments used Native Instruments Komplete, IK Multimedia Philarmonik, Breverb2, Izotope, PSP audio stuff, Play East west composer edition, Silent1, Predator, RG, Addictive Drums, Stylus, Omnisphere, Nebula3, Alchemy, Melodyne, Audjoo Elix, Blue, Diva, Pianoteq4, Zebra2. All plugs are original and update to latest version, some like Silent1 and Philarmonik will play in 32bit trough Jbridge. All these stuff works perfectly and tested with Cubase 6.5.5 in 64bit mode.

Ready for movie soundtrack composition test. :smiley:

Working with Cubase 7.5.1 is fantastic, but i’ve found problems with Melodyne and Play 4 crash cubase… very sad… Logic works great too but some bugs on instruments solo and folding the folders. Cubase also crash on exit sometimes. Logic does not have the dual pan option. No other problems until now… still testing.

Were you able to get lower latency settings with one or the other?


Celemony is aware of the problems with Melodyne in Cubase.
They mailed me that they are looking into it. :slight_smile:

Hope to see a fix soon for the Cubase crashing i get when deleting Melodyne from an Audiotrack.

I work with Cubase 7.5.1 - 64 bit, on OSX 10.9.2.

Hope to see some good (honest and real) performance comparisons between Cubase 7.5.1 - 64 bit and Logic X. :smiley:



just got the new mac pro (6 core)

not based on any scientific testing my feeling is logic is running projects slightly more efficiently which is no surprise as it is apple’s software.

I run both Logic X and C7.5 for film scoring. If you have been happily using using Cubase, don’t bother with Logic IMHO unless you absolutely need to. To me, the workflow is unintuitive and it does not support VST 3…and if you’re a VEPro user, this is a HUGE benefit in Cubase. If you are scoring to picture (and again, this is my opinion), C7.5 runs circles around Logic X. For video work, I find LX sluggish and picky when it comes to video formats.

Anyways, only YOU can decide. I must admit, for $199 Logic X is a good deal…but keep in kind there’s a steep learning curve if you’re used to Cubase.

Yes for a comparison i’ve set both apps at 1024 buffer size. With cubase I can use until 2048, not with logic. Regarding film scoring I’ve found folding tracks more useful in Cubase than Logic, Logic can’t fold the folders. But using score I’ve to say Logic score is amazing compared to cubase ones especially with the resting notes. I’ve also set the external effx and Logic save the external fx preferences instead Cubase don’t. Cubase is very good also with Instruments midi assign more fast and intuitive than logic, but I really don’t like the instruments Rack tooooooo big. I’ve also installed two monitors yesterday and working space is more efficient now, working with Macbook is good in logic and terrible in cubase where the spaces are not optimised.
I will test the control room settings for different monitors and I will let you know.

IMHO, i think that a decent Cubase - Logic Pro performance test may be blurred by the fact that Cubase uses VST and Logic uses Audio Units.

One should wonder if a VST and AU version of a plugin inherit differences in optimal code programming / performance.
If this is the case, than ofcourse the performance of both DAWs are influenced by the performance difference in plugin protocol they use.

Maybe this is just nonsense, then sorry, i am no expert in this area :wink:
But i am very curious about what you have to say about this.



I’ve done some heavy comparison between the two DAWs on my 2012 6-core Mac Pro. Logic Pro X does not feel as “responsive” at times (start-stop, scrubbing, etc), while it does have much better low-latency performance (ie: recording VSTi easily at 32-64 samples). Cubase may not be able to keep up with Logic in the low-latency dept., but for my workflow, it is much, much smoother to use in day-to-day operations. (Not mentioning Cubase blows away Logic when it comes to advanced workflow options) Cubase’s draconian copy protection scheme keeps pushing me towards Logic, and I’d really like to switch… but Apple is not quite there yet…

There’s more to measuring performance than seeing how many hundred reverb plug-ins you can run at one time. :wink:

Geez, I’m glad finally someone finally brought that up! Some people are so consumed with benchmarks and technical data that they forget about what the DAW is really for…creativity. Granted, you need to be sure a system can handle your needs, but you also need to be realistic. If you need to load 2000+ MIDI tracks and 100 virtual instruments, is that practical? No. Is it a convenience? Maybe for some, but not necesary. Hans Zimmer does, but he has an assitant that runs his arsenal of slave computers. I know many pro film/tv composers using moderate setups using Logic X and/or Cubase. It really makes no difference on the DAW, but whatever you are comfortable with…period. I’m forced to use the elusive Pro Tools, but only for delivering final cues to the editors. It’s the same with Mac and PC; both are excellent, but it comes down to personal preference (I use both in my studio).

Cheers! :smiley:

I had make a MIDI jitter test between cubase and Logic. Logic doesn’t have the problem I describe here :

If you’re talking about low latency performance and number of instruments, Logic is way out in front. If you need the features that Cubase offers, then Cubase is way out in front! Any modern computer can handle most projects you can throw at them with relative ease. I use both, but use Cubase given the choice. I find Logic to be more stable, but that’s a whole other subject!

I find Logic X a major PITA when it comes to routing VEPro as a multi-timbral plugin…too many steps involved, plus those annoying Aux tracks. Plus, you are limted with the number of VI instances you can load within VEPro, as opposed to the VST3 version.

I agree with Wolfie, multi-timbral is a Pita compared to Vst multi out setup in Cubase7… in the meantime I noticed Cubase 7.5.1 damaged my Cubase 6.5.5 preferences, now I cannot load the in/out studio setup pref. Cubase 7.5.1 start to crash on quit with 3rd party plugs loaded, stress…

Yep really good explanation and some good facts!!! +1

This is exactly it. “Way out in front” is an understatement. Cubase tops out at 40-50 Kontakts whereas Logic X doesn’t even break a sweat at 200…

I’ve spent literally days benchmarking Cubase 7 and Logic X and found that Logic can load up & play back more VIs and remains more stable, but its workflow and usability is absolute garbage.

I work with both. Professionally I use Logic. For my own pursuits I use Cubase. I’ll preface this by saying my background is Cubase - from VST through the latest. I’ve been working with Logic for nearly a year now. I’m know my way around. But still, I HATE the workflow. It should be called Illogic. It’s clunky and unintuitive. (I realize this opinion is likely attributably to my background, but I can say I’ve never been so impeded by a DAW.) It boggles my mind that the program is as popular as it is.

Logic could have quadruple the performance of Cubase (which is what Orchetect is suggesting above), and still, I’d never consider using it for personal purposes.

I don’t use 20 reverbs but just 2 Revs and 2 Delays in bus, and 10 subgroups for mixing and premastering. Orchestra instruments with 10 Kontakt instances 16outs each. PSP plugs, RobPapen synths, Sylent1, IK Stuff, Nebula trough bridge emulation, Ozone, Melodyne, and some external hardware. All works like a charm under Logic, not same in Cubase.

After several testing, Logic have some annoying bugs like secondary instruments channels and solo under folded tracks, but… this is very very important, after a lot of open, close, remove, delete, presets loading NEVER crashed. Cubase still take minutes to save a big project file, very slow on loading app and projects. Logic audio editing is terrible, crossfading not intuitive and folding tracks not complete. Cubase folding and wiring with instruments is awesome but the rack is too big, i love the cubase 6 rack instruments. Cubase control room is amazing but not works as expected sorry, cubase 6.5 control room still rocks. Somethimes Cubase 7.5 still crash on quit and Melodyne bugs. Logic mixer and project setting preset is incredible like his own channel preset setting. I noticed after using Cubase 7.5.1 the Cubase 6.5 preferences were corrupted, strange… at this point we should wait the next bug fixes for both DAWS. Until now Logic is more stable and usable than Cubase.

I don’t find this is the case.

Orchestra instruments with 10 Kontakt instances 16outs each. PSP plugs, RobPapen synths, Sylent1, IK Stuff, Nebula trough bridge emulation, Ozone, Melodyne, and some external hardware. All works like a charm under Logic, not same in Cubase.

I would suspect the fault lies within one or more of your many third party instruments/plug-ins not playing nice with Cubase. I’d figure out which one(s) are the problem through methodical trial-and-error and then contact the developer so they can sort out the compatibility issue their software is having with Cubase.

LOL! I’m in the same boat. I don’t know why, but I’m always enticed back to Logic X for some twisted reason. I’m still a longs way from fully understanding it, but it is definitely unintuitive IMO.