Cubase 7.5.10 results and question


I have recently upgraded to Cubase 7.5.10 and I have very good results after. My main equipment for work with C7.5 are Motif Rack XS with FW16 interface and Novation Impulse MIDI controller, although I’m still using Motif ES with plug-in boards. The latest updates both on Cubase side and Yamaha (Yamaha Steinberg driver 1.6.5) positively surprised me,
since with the same computer (Win7SP1 32bit laptop with built-in firewire) I have no issues now! The settings were the same as in previous versions (Cubase 6 AI and 6.5, Cubase 7 AI). It is not just only stable, but it looks that there are a lot of new options that I should try in the near future. I’m very glad for that.
I have only a question regarding exporting audio data (WAV, MP3, whatever) from instrument track created with Motif Rack XS VST Editor 1.6.3. While playing back, sound is clear without any clicks and pops that I have mentioned earlier.
But, after exporting and playing back saved MP3 or WAV, there are several clicks and pops. Did I miss some additional settings or parameter?
Thanks in advance for help!


is the pop/click present in the mp3 data itself (you see spikes in the wavedraw when you open it with an editor)
Then there is a rendering issue.
If so: there may have gone something wrong with the export. (you can change f.e. the frequency settings of the MP3)

Is the pop/click present in the playback but not visible in the wavedraw then maybe look to the soundcard settings.
is the playback for the exported mp3 aligned with the soundcard that plays the mp3 back. (frequency/bitrate settings)
i’ve seen some odd situations where an sound card didn’t switch to the correct playback settings. A correction on the settings of the soundcard solved the playback issue.

i have the same problem. since 7.5 sometimes i have pops and clicks in my rendering, which also appear when im listening in cubase. the strange thing is it is happenign randomly. always the same places, but not everytime. for example a vocal does pop at one point, i go back to listen again, then the pop is gone… when i render it appears again. i have no idea what that causes. my solution is freezing the track as many times as necessary until the pops and clicks are gone. perhaps a plugin is causing that, i have no idea, since its so hard to find out what the problem is. it could be my autotune 7

During mixing and mixdown, latency is usually no longer a concern, so you could ease off on the resolutiuon - 1024 is usually good. Have you tried this?

I didn’t, but I load exported WAV file and found lot of short silence parts that makes those pops.
What is most interesting, places where clicks and pops occures are the same wheter I have exported
audio to MP3, FLAC or non compressed WAV. It is strange that with the same equipment, computer and settings
but only different software version those clicks and pops not exist while I’m playing recorded MIDI
through VST instrument (Motif VST 1.6.3).


Ah, then it sounds like a possible “zero crossing” problem. Make sure you have zero crossing enabled when cutting!
You may need to recut or trim the wavs you’re handling. Otherwise you could use fades (directly on the waveform) and crossfades where you have joins.