Cubase 7.5.2 and Kontakt 5 not playing nice

Hey peeps.

So I just installed Komplete 9 and am having an issue with Kontakt 5 in Cubase 7 (also have contacted NI support).

When I add additional channels in Kontakt they are not appearing where they should even after restart. They are supposed to appear in the VST output menu in devices/vst instruments next to Kontakt.

Additional piece of info… I installed and uninstalled a 3rd party rewire patch. I’m worried I (yup I’m more musician than computer scientist) I removed an essential rewire.dll file in the process… Is this file used for internal vst function as well as the standard rewire function? Where is rewire.dll supposed to be located and how do I replace it if it’s not there?

There are work arounds on the Kontakt drama (like using AUX sends or routing to multi mono channels) but all are un-ideal for such an expensive piece of kit.

Set up is:

Windows 7 64-bit
Intel Core i7 2.67 Ghz
6Gig RAM
Cubase 7.5.2
RME Fireface UC

Thanks all.


What do you mean by “additional channels in Kontakt”? Additional instances? I have no problems whatsoever using dozens of them in Cubase.

What are saying? Are you adding multi instruments Into one instance of kontakt and assigning sequential midi channels? Or adding one version of kontakt and adding multi audio outputs of one instruments to discret audio outs to kontakts audio mixer channel outputs?

It sounds to me like you are trying to activate additional audio outputs from the Kontakt instrument. After you assign them in Kontakt, you must activate them in Cubase via the Instrument Rack. This is done by clicking on the symbol that looks like. ->]