Cubase 7.5.2 Color Schemes


Is it possible to import / export GUI color schemes? I think I may be too lazy to create my own. Is there some place to get color schemes? Is this even possible? I’m looking for a dark Adobe Creative Suite type color scheme. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I may be wrong but I don’t think import/export is possible
with C 7.5; however there is lots you can do right inside Cubase
to adjust the coloring of the project.

Start at page 704 of the manual under ‘Appearance’ .

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You may be talking about different things (like skins) but I will toss this out just in case it helps you. There is a way to color the tracks in the main project window. If you take the time to do that it really could take up 50% or more of the screen or project window depending on how many tracks you have. There was also a great thread on this where a guy added a bunch of new, well done colors and you can have his work via an IMPORT. I did this on my setup and I love it. For details on it go here: