Cubase 7.5.2 crashing when editing tempo track

Every now and then (maybe every 4th or 5th time) I edit the tempo track, Cubase crashes. Usually just clicking on the tempo track line in the main edit window will cause the crash.

Running on a MacBook Pro with OS X 10.8.5.

I would suggest updating to 7.5.3 from

Does the problem persist there? If so, can you please post your crash log?


Happens to me as well if I edit the tempo track in the main project window. It does not happen when I edit the tempo track in the separate tempo track window. Happening in 7.5.30.

If you start a new empty project without any content and adjust the Tempo Track in the project window, does that crash as well? What operating system are you on (premediesel)?

Just wanted to add that I’ve been having a similar problem. Cubase crashed when I tried to change the tempo on the tempo track in the main project window while the track was playing. It seems to be ok if I edit while playback is paused.

I’m on Windows 7/Cubase 7.5.3.

Personally, I would not recommend changing the tempo track during playback because if anything is in Musical mode (which MIDI and audio likely would be) it is a lot to ask of the system. Does the problem occur if you are not playing back the track?