Cubase 7.5.2 not storing preferences or settings

After installing and reinstalling several times I have the same unresolvable issue.

The "username"\APPDATA\STEINBERG\Cubase7.5_64 folder remains completely empty. No XML files no preferences or anything.
Cubase opens fine but there are no presets in the Steinberg VSTI’s. When I scan in Mediabay, it finds all the presets but as soon as I click on anything else they all dissapear again. On rescan it finds them again, but they redissapear after clicking on anuthing else.

On every launch it keeps asking me to select my interface even though I did so and selected not to be asked anymore, and it keeps asking me on every launch if I want to register even if I select that I already have regsistered.
It is as if my cubase has amnesia.

I tried copying over the contents from my cubase install on another pc from that "username"\APPDATA\STEINBERG\Cubase7.5_64 folder but that doesn’t change anything. Cubase refuses to store anything or write/read anything from that folder.
I have also tried re-installing everything under another windows user from scratch but same problem.

I’m at a loss…


i red somewhere that it was an installation problem.
do you have the same concerning the MIDI logical editor presets for exemple ?

try to go to your C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7.5\Presets
you should find all here. don’t know whe steinberg doesn’t fix that.
and copy paste them all to your APPDATA\STEINBERG\Cubase7.5_64

i have almost same problem can’t find where the hell cubase stores the “save track preset” thing.
it does store it because i can “overwrite” it but but no search in C gives me where it is…

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Will give it a try and report back here!

seems to have solved the issue!