Cubase 7.5.20 Blew my house up !

Turned on the computer , started loading Cubase and BANG my house exploded !!!

The fire investigation team pin pointed where the explosion started … it was the third fader from the left in the mixing consul that started a side chain reaction through the rest of the volatile faders and blew my bloody house up …

Steinberg you owe me :wink:

If you were using Cubase to produce any form of house music, this is a known issue.

Electro house, in particular, can affect the electrical systems of the house.

Humor…, on this forum…, what can it possibly want?!

Lol guyz!!!
Good joke especially Jalcide’s answer


did you not thrash the preferences?

Lukas is right. You gotta take out the trash.

Omg, here too! Also my car, my yacht and like a couple of million € i had laying around…

I want full compensation!

That can take a few years but it doesn’t matter, Cubase has sample perfect delay compensation!