Cubase 7.5.20 -- project saving takes significant time

Hello, I use Cubase’s latest update (7.5.20) and project saving often takes quite a lot of time. This becomes noticeable on projects with 15-20 VSTi tracks. For instance, I work on project with 19 Halion Sonic tracks and saving takes about 15 seconds, which is very inconvenient and especially annoying with autosave function turned on (and I’m sure it should be turned on). With more tracks situation gets worse… Does anyone else experience this on 7.5.20?

EDIT: Have just started a new project, imported 25 audio tracks of the same length (about 3 minutes), no plugins yet – saving time is 15 seconds. What the heck?

Saving time here is fast, as in instant. Under 1 second for a 100 track project.

Saving is almost instant here, actually (35 tracks, midi + audio).

Takes me about 7 seconds to save here.

I have 40-60 Kontakt instrument tracks in each session. I get long save times often. It seems random though. Once in a while it’s only a few seconds. Other times I’m waiting 10-15 seconds.

Since version 7. 5.2, it is indeed really long to save the project. Should that Steinberg responds to its customers on this point. I spent an hour to check my system, thinking that there was a disk failure. Even on a SSD, backup speed is the same.

An precision here on my comment. I realize that the backup time is related to the presence of Melodyne plug-in. This was not a problem with the earlier version of Cubase.

Has anyone successfully been able to reduce their save times? If so, please share.