Cubase 7.5.20 + Tranzport v.1.5 problem

Cubase 7 has been happily working for quite a while . Since I updated to 7.5 and then to 7.5.20 today I have not been able to use my Frontier Tranzport remote…the signal is reaching my computer and showing on the transport bar but I can not get any transport functions to happen nor can I get it to show in the midi device window. Why should it have disappeared on an update. ???
I also got an audio delay ( seperate issue ) which was not there previously on v.7 , on a song that I opened it in 7.5 when trying to add some tracks.
Please advise of any fixes or if anyone else has had a similar problem.


The reason you are experiencing the Tranzport issue is because whenever you upgrade Cubase, you have to manually copy the Tranzport DLL file to the new Cubase Components directory. Cubase won’t do it for you as it’s a driver not native to the Cubase installation.

Go to your Cubase 7.0 32-bit Components directory and copy the TranzPortCN.dll to your Cubase 7.5 32-bit Components directory.

If you are using Cubase 64-bit, copy the 64-bit version of the Tranzport dll to Cubase 7.5 64-bit Components directory.

Launch Cubase and go to the Device setup.

When you choose to add a device, you should now see the Frontier Tranzport listed. Make sure you choose “Tranzport” for both MIDI IN and OUT.

It will now work fine.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I did try to do this already but I’ll try again.

Thank you for your help.

If it worked in 7.0 and the above didn’t work in 7.5 and 7.5.20 then you’re doing something wrong because that’s how you install it…

I did what you said and…it works ! thank you…it’s great to have help. I

I still have a problem with a delay on audio. The audio seems to be fine until it actually gets into Cubase 7.5.20
I can watch the fader meters and see the delay difference between the incoming signal and the mono audio signal. This was working fine before I updated and I have gone back to v.7 and it still works there o.k.
Any ideas…what am I missing ?./… I thought I had checked everything.
Thanks for any help / insight .