Cubase 7.5.3 - Let's talk efficient routing

If you’re working with complex routings on a big template, you already know that there’s diminishing returns as your session grows.

The diminishing returns = Cubase hangs when you do any of the following actions:

    • Create, delete, enable, or disable a new audio track
  • Move an audio track to a new folder
  • Route a track to another track via output or sends

This delay is probably due to project checking to make sure there aren’t any feedback loops.

Now, a relatively simple session with 100 audio tracks or something going to 8 busses, a few reverbs, etc. probably won’t see a significant delay.

But a session with 500 MIDI tracks, 200 output tracks arriving at a different busses, etc. will feel this acutely.

Does anyone have any wisdom on this matter? My knowledge is limited on the subject. Thank you

create group tracks for tracks ( or instruments ) that work well together or is similar in freq response or completely the opposite

mix the tracks in the group separately

then mix all the groups say 10 groups each consisting of say 20 tracks

listen carefully if you can still hear all the tracks

refine and adjust to personal taste

Anyone have any ideas on this?

What exactly is the question?