Cubase 7.5.30 not seeing audio device

I am using Cubase 7.5 (full version) on my studio PC, but wanted to use Cubase also on trips on my laptop in hotel rooms without unplugging and plugging the eLicenser every time. Therefore I ordered Cubase Artist 7.5 in addition to my existing Cubase 7.5 full version. Up to now on the laptop ran a Cubase 6 (full version) installation without any issues.

But Cubase Artist 7.5 does not recognize the audio card. The menu is just empty and as a consequence no sound is played. Cubase 6 recognizes the onboard soundcard and I am even able to record some vocal lines with the build in microphone of the laptop. Also all stand alone instruments on the laptop are working with the onboard soundcard, only Cubase Artist 7.5 does not recognize it.

What can I do? Do I need an external audio device for just playing around with beats and compositions in a hotel room?

Anybody else with this experience?

Thanks in advance!

If you install the free driver from and restart the computer, is that driver seen on the system?

Also, just to note to clarify for others, Cubase Artist 7.5 does require a licensed USB key.

Thanks a lot, I did this already yesterday evening and it works!

thanks also for the tipp with the USB key, good to know!

But an information in general: I am running Cubase 6 and Cubase 7.5 on my studio PC and there are nearly no differences in performance, but on the laptop I see a noticeable loss of performance with Cubase 7.5 in comparison to 6. I don’t know, whether it’s caused by the Asio4all driver - but at the end it doesn’t matter, it’s just for playing around a little bit :wink:

Try raising the buffer size on ASIO4ALL. This will increase the latency, but it also could improve processing power. Happy recording!


I had a similar problem this last week when Windows 7 automatically installed updates. I lost all access to my MOTU driver within Cubase 7.5.3. The dropdown simple displayed No Driver, yet the driver was seen and used by Windows (outside of Cubase).

I did a system restore to before the updates and everything was fine again. Then I reloaded the windows updates without letting windows update drivers. Everything works okay now.

I believe there may have been a problem with windows driver updates which caused my misery. Don’t know if that’s applicable to you, but just thought I’d chime in.