Cubase 7.5.30 Quick Control Write Problem

I’ve just witnessed a Cubase 7.5.20 project, once loaded into 7.5.30, exhibit a disturbing issue:

A track with inserts and VST Quick Control assignments on them, will do a weird thing when trying to write (R/W) those VST QC automations…

Enable QC R/W and start playback (essentially, the “record” of Quick Control values) -> start writing the QC automation from an external controller (or just via mouse)…

The QC automation records for about 250 milliseconds, then stops, due to the FOCUS of the track moving to ANOTHER ADJACENT TRACK?!

Doing this on a newly created in 7.5.30 track does not seem to cause the issue.

More testing is happening … will report back here.

The issue was a parent/child thing where a copied instruments track would have its child lanes (automation lanes) think their parent track was the original track that the copy was made from, rather than its real (new) parent track.

(Lol, did ya follow that?)

This, combined with another odd behavior of the automation lane losing focus during the write process (when it turns red), and jumping focus to what it thought its parent track was (in this case, the old, wrong parent) was causing the issue.

I couldn’t reproduce in a blank 7.5.30 project, nor a blank 7.5.20 project, nor even a fresh 7.5.20 project loaded into 7.5.30.

And I couldn’t reproduce the issue again after loading a 7.5.30 saved version of my previous 7.5.20 project, back into 7.5.30.

The next test is to load the 7.5.20 saved version of this larger, real-world project, into 7.5.30, again, and see if I can repeat the strange results.

But, honestly, since it’s working now (after the 7.5.30 save) I’m going to salvage some part of this weekend to make music. :slight_smile:

It may not be a terrible idea to load, older 7.5.20 projects into 7.5.30, save them right away (without doing anything) and then reboot and load the freshly saved project back in before continue to work on the project.