Cubase 7.5.30 still "Crashes on exit" with EuCon! [SOLVED]

I don’t know how the above quoted fix is supposed to apply… but, unfortunately for me:

Cubase still crashes on exit even after the 7.5.30 update! :frowning:

And also, if I completely close Cubase, and then try to power of the controllers… EuControl will crash also, but if I close my project first, and then power down the controllers, and finally exit Cubase… Cubase still crashes, but EuControl does not!

All this was true even before the 7.5.30 update, so as far as I’m concerned this issue has not been fixed!

I’m using EuControl version 3.1.2
AVID Artist Series Control, Mix, and Transport!


Same for me!

If you are on a mac running mavericks, the problem is not with Cubase.

Join the pro tools forum at avid, then do a search on “app nap” or posts by AlienArtist. He posted a terminal script that turns off the app nap feature for EUControl. Run that and the controller will work flawlessly.

The issue is that App Nap suspends applications that are completely in the background. This totally screws up ArtistControl (others too I imagine). Avid could issue a simple fix in its installer but for some godforsaken reason has not.

Anyway, I ran his terminal script and my problems disappeared. My ArtistControl has never worked so well.

There’s lots of complaints about Avid’s controllers on the Protools forums. I was really shocked.

Good luck!

I’m on Windows and I’m very glad to say the Eucon problem is finally fixed for me.

Al, are you sure that the problem you’re still seeing isn’t one of the other causes of crash on exit, e.g. the Novation Automap issue? Try running Cubase with the EuCon adapter switched off and check it really is that causing it.

I’m absolutely sure! :wink:

But to entertain the idea that something else might be causing the crash… I followed your suggestion by unloading the EuCon adapter, and again checking the status…

I am unhappy to report that Cubase still crashes on exit if the EuCon adapter is loaded! This issue still exists in Cubase 7.5.30, as it did in 7.5.20, and sometimes with 7.5.10!


Oh well, sorry I couldn’t help out! :frowning:

But you did… by reminding me to check for other possible reasons for this issue! Thanks for that! :smiley:

just because the crash is happening in one version of Cubase doesn’t mean that it is happening for that same reason in another! :bulb:

But… in this case the result is the same, whatever the reason!

@ Brazas,

Could you please give more information about your system (hardware, and software)…
Thanks in advance!


Okay! I’ve done a little more digging into this issue, and have an answer for others in my particular situation! :smiley:

While you are installing the Cubase 7.5.30 update… “You must explicitly set the installer to reinstall the EuCon adapter!”,as it will not do this on its own!

As you go through the process, you will see a page that outlines what components will be updated, and what will not, or already have been updated!

Highlight the EuCon adapter component on the left side of the window, and then click the reinstall radio button on the right side of the window, and then continue the process!

After this process Cubase 7.5.30 no longer crashes on exit with the EuCon adapter loaded! :sunglasses:

I expect there will be more users that are not aware of this updating process, and may also run into this problem!

If the Mods are reading this, a sticky might be helpful for other users. :smiley:

However… Thank you Steinberg for all of your hard work!


Yes, thanks for pointing this out as I’d missed it during the installation process.

Aha! Well done for finding that wrinkle!

Very glad it’s fixed for you too now! :smiley:

Thank you all. I was having the crashing issue whenever I closed a session. The reinstall updating EuCon seems to have fixed it! The forum is the best.

I’m glad it worked for you! I had problems for so long, I had forgotten how cool my ArtistControl can be. This latest update is great.