Cubase 7.5.30 won't relaunch after closing

Cubase 7.5.30. does not relaunch without system reboot, meaning that if I close Cubase but want to run it again, I have to restart the computer.

I am using a PCAUDIOLAB rokbox circa 2011. 64 bit win 7. gigabyte z68 motherboard. I heard upgrading BIOS might help, any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi missswan,

that usually happens when the elcc is still running in the background or has crashed and Cubase can’t read its license anymore. Please try installing the latest elcc ( and running the maintenance tasks.


Sometimes my Cubase process doesn’t stop for about 5 minutes even though the window has gone. I assume there’s some sort of time-out which it waits for. I use the task manager and highlight the Cubase.exe process then when the highlighted entry and thus the process disappears then I know I can restart Cubase. Sometimes killing the VSTBridgeApp.exe helps speed things up as well if this is running at all. I’ve never tracked down what causes it but it definitely happens more with complex big projects which start to stress the machine.