Cubase 7.5.40 MixConsole issue after loading old project

Hi to everyone,
Using cubase since ATARI computers and cubase 2.0,
Im on mac Retina15 2.3hhz intel core i7 16 gb ram and Cubase 7.5.40 32 bits
So thats what happened:
i was checking old projects /abt 3 yrs old/ from my windows computer on this mac and after that when i opened one of newest project, ive discovered that my MixConsole was lacking some parts on down and down-right ends, when im trying to open it fully it just goes offscreen and closes all the screen /screenshots included/, two other consoles mix2 and mix 3 are ok but this one just went crazy, even if i make new project problem is still there… Please help…

*All Software is original except Izotope ozones that i am thinking to buy soon,

and sorry for my bad English


Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 5.46.06 PM.jpg