Cubase 7.5.40

Just spotted it in the downloads
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Just spotted 7.5.40 in the downloads

Aloha T and thanks.

I had not yet seen it.

Good Luck!

Thanks for posting I always look for it in the announcements section :wink:

Not for nothing…but is there any reason why I found a Steinberg rep announcement on KVR about this update before it is posted on their own website? I saw that and came here and sure enough…there’s the old 7.5.30 announcement still sitting there. Seems to be a bit of an oversight? Meh.

The other thing is the build date. They’ve been sitting on this for over a month? Can’t wait to see how long they’ve been sitting on C8’s fixes.

fantastic job SB. Really glad that this update came through.

First, thanks for the update. It was a pretty long list. Then I wonder about the remaining issues…

In the KVR link above this is stated:

Today we have released the last maintenance update for Cubase 7

Really? The last one? I was expecting there would be one more update after this, since there are maaaaany issues reported for version 7 that have still not been taken care of.

For example, you still (7.5.40) can’t save channels (vmx) in the Mixer if an Instrument channel main output is selected. And there are literally hundreds(!) of other issues remaining, even “collected issues” not taken care of yet. All issues reported may no be applicable anymore, but many are. I have myself reported 14 issues for 7.5, I don’t think any of them is fixed (no big ones, but anyway).

Yes, there are a new version 8, and at some point we need to move on. But still a bit early to just leave everything there. I presume these issues have been rolled over to version 8 as well, and those issues still applicable need to be fixed there anyway. These fixes should include version 7.5 as well. Well, at least the most important ones, I don’t expect every issue fixed in 7.5, but there are just too many of them left behind. (Well, I suppose it’s because they have already fixed about 500 issues in the 7 cycle, and now need to move on to the new version.)

So what will happen with all the remaining issues reported for the 7 cycle? Will they be corrected in version 8? Do we need to report them again to have them fixed in version 8 (I suppose not)?

I did try the update. I work with a video today, and I couldnt read it, neither import it again (“verify QT is installed on your compruter”). Back to 7.5.20, everything is fine again…
I guess I will stick with 7.5.20, as I had issues with 7.5.30 also…

Thanks for this post… and its good the lunatics are running the asylum sometimes :smiley:

Hey there,

SB said “R-12988 MIXCONSOLE: Copy/paste of MixConsole channel settings now includes output destination”

For me it doesn’t work niether track presets nor copy/paste. I’m not on my main computer now, now it’s just sony vaio intel Core2 DUO P8700@2.53GHz, 4GB RAM, 6Bit Win 7. So I’m not sure that it’s an issue, so can anybody confirm it?

And of course it’s Cubase 7.5.4

If it is like C8, I have had to install the very latest QT, in order for video to work.

That makes sense, but I have QT 7.6 and the latest is 7.7. Do you think it’s really the problem? I’ll try that, thank you.

Well it did it for me, plus I copied QTCF.dll (from QTSystem folder) to Windows/System folder, this seems to be where Cubase looks for it. Hope it works for you!

Thank you steinpac, i’ll try that.

Hey steinpac, had some time today to do the QT update and it worked! Thanks a lot.

:astonished: :astonished: