Cubase 7.5 64 bit does not recognize Reaktor 5

Cubase 7.5 64 bit does not recognize Reaktor 5 on my Windows 7 machine. Reaktor standalone version works fine but I do not see a .dll file for Reaktor anywhere as well. Any input would be appreciated to help resolve this problem. I just installed Komplete 9 Ultimate and everything else is great: …just no Reaktor.

It might be worth checking the Native Instrument folder on C drive/Program files. Could be in Data. My installation of Komplete 9 defaulted the dll’s there. So I created a path in plugin management to that folder. Have you run a search of C drive to look for the Reaktor dll?

Yes, but nothing found. I deleted the entire VST folder in order for the program to install the Reaktor .dll file. Then I copied the other .dll files back into the newly created folder. The program had to recreate another folder. Now it works.

Well I’m glad it works.