Cubase 7.5 Activation Code

Hi All,

I recently upgraded from 7 to 7.5 - I received the invoice from Steinberg but I’ve not received any kind of activation code. Of course, it is asking me to enter the activation code each time I try to load 7.5. I’ve never had this issue before with any previous updates and nobody from Steinberg is answering my support ticket.

Anyone know where I can find this code?


The activation code is e-mailed. Confirmation of your order, is the subject heading.

And depending on where you are located, also available in your asknet account.

Thanks for the replies. I only ever received an email from asknet with my invoice - but there is no activation code. This is really frustrating - I was so hoping to be able to use the product I paid for this holiday!

Steinberg are not answering my support ticket and there is no phone support over the holidays - great!

Thanks anyway,

Confirmation of your order XXXXXX in the Steinberg Online Shop

This was the title of my e mail from them. Have you checked your spam folder?

Yep, checked everything - only the one email…

and nobody from Steinberg is answering my support ticket.

Probably because it´s asknet you should contact…

Thanks so much for your help - I was able to get the email resent and now have activated 7.5.