Cubase 7.5 Adding text to the Arrange Page

In Cubase 7.5 on the Arrange Page I want to be able to identify the various sections of the song I am creating by altering the text in the various Parts which make up that song. Instead of it just repeating the track name,(e.g Electric Piano) could I change it to Verse``Chorus Bridge etc? If not, is there any way of adding text to this page to do the job?

Right click
add arranger track
Use pencil to draw in sections
Rename sections in the info line
Play individual parts by pressing play on the sections on the left side (or arrange a sequence)

Marker track is your best option. Also with this in the marker track inspector, it will give you a vertical list of all start and end points. Click on one of these and your left & right locators can jump to it.

In Preferences>Editing switch off “Parts get Track Names” and you will be able to rename individual parts.