cubase 7.5 and Delta 1010 - problems?

Hi! Installed Windows 7 64 bit and Cubase 7. Sound card Delta 1010. When playing with an external keyboard via the MIDI port of a computer for synth module there is a delay of sound from the module. this only happens when playing an already recorded track or when recording a new track. in normal mode everything is fine. I can play the keyboard or play the already recorded tracks all is well. but when recorded and start play itself - the sound is delayed. and another problem. in the settings of devices in the section MIDI input and output ports is set incorrectly. I tried to configure them as I want but after restarting cubase everything remains the same. same problem in 32 bit version. when you work in windoes xp and cubase 5 was nothing like this everything worked perfectly! who can help?

Did u set the audio driver in cubase to m-audio delta asio