Cubase 7.5 and HALion Sonic SE Content Downloads - SOLUTION

then yes.


Hi Luis, do you know if there are any news on the fix for MR816csx drivers regarding OS X 10.9 Mavericks? …can’t spot any difference after installing Cubase 7.5

are the GA samples included in this problem ? i’ve not got any samples for GA but everything else is fine

Just to clarify (cos everything has pretty much the same name :blush: );

I had Cubase 6.5.5 with HSSE 1.6.3 update - all good
I then installed VSTi absolute collection and got Halion Sonic with that.
I got a grace period update to Halion Sonic 2 and installed that.
Now I have Cubase 7 and that provided new HSSE content ? (is that right?)
Now I update to Cubase 7.5 and the HSSE is upgraded to HSSE2 ? (not HS2)

My question/s (a few have kind of asked but I need clarification please);

  1. Is there extra content added to my install if I already own HS2 and upgrade from HSSE to HSSE2 via the Cubase 7.5 upgrade from 7 ?
  2. If there is new content in HSSE2, is this just some of the content that was previously available to me as part of HS2 or is this brand new content ? and thus;
  3. Did I waste money buying HS2 or is this still a worthwhile / unique upgrade from HSSE2 ?

Sorry this is so complicated… or not… I don’t know any more :smiley:

Sorry. and another quick one for everybody’s clarification;
Am I right to assume from the downloads page Luis provided that;

The 7.5 update (900mb) and second iso image (HSSE2 content) (3.4GB) provide all I need for a successful update from 7.0 ?
If so, what is in the Grace Period update (6GB) other than the 900mb update and the 3.4gb HSSE2 content, ie why is it 2gb bigger than the option above?

Sorry to be ‘thick’ but I’ve been at it all day and my eyes are bleeding :smiley:

Luis or other forum members

I recently purchased Cubase 7 and updated to 7.06. I was within the grace period and have updated my usb licenser .
I have downloaded the ISO image for cubase 7.5 and for the Halion Sonic SE content onto DVDs.

During installation of EDM Midi Loops, Groove Agent SE and also Halion Sonic SE2 state "string reading from file…D/… verify that the file exists (with and option to retry or cancel). I tried retry on each of these with no luck.

There is then an error messages that the installation of each of EDM Midi loops, Groove Agent SE and Halion Sonic SE2 failed - fatal error during installation.

Halion Sonic now brings up error windows stating that content is not there even if I go back to Cubase 7.06.

Please could you suggest a solution to this.

Many thanks.

Ok so I unistalled cubase 7.5 and cubase 7.0 and then reinstalled cubase 7.0 plus installed updated to 7.5. the new midi loops, groove agent se all seemed fine.

The problem arose when I tried to install the HS SE 2 content from the ISO image DVD. an error comes up stating “string reading from file verify that the file exists - HS SE2 content failed to install. Fatal error during installation.”

Is there any alternative way of getting this HS SE 2 content because Cubase 7.5 is currently unusable for me. I will certainly need to uninstall everything again but i don’t seem to have a reliable way to install the HS SE 2 content.

Thanks in advance

Hi Steve

Double check the size of your HS2 dvd iso. It should be:

Size: 3.20 GB (3,440,465,920 bytes)
Size on disk: 3.20 GB (3,440,467,968 bytes)

My first download reported to be approx. 1.7GB with no indication that there was any problem with the download or file or that any of it was missing ! Clearly this wouldn’t be able to load all the samples / data necessary. I’ve had the same happen with the Grace Period update too.

Can I suggest including the above figures on the download page if this turns out to be the problem and prompting users to check before installing?

Sincerely hope that helps you and others out.

Hi Potential O M

Thanks for the info. My disk seems to have , believe it or not 3.3 Gigs of data! Still no joy installing. Will try a fresh download.


Luis, thanks a lot for the alternative solution… But I would expect the people from Asknet to solve the problem.
The files are HUGE, and it is to be expected that your internet connection would fall down for a few seconds. As a matter of fact, it only takes to glimpse for a fraction of a second, and re-start from the last point is not possible.
I rather be composing / arranging 7 Producing / recording / mixing instead of spent hours trying to figure it out, because I have Cubase for that purpose, and not to learn how to cope with my Mac.
A shame Steinberg doesn’t see it this way.

I wasn’t able to install HALion Sonic SE Content for Cubase Artist 7.5 to save my soul (but fortunately, the salvation of my soul didn’t depend on it!)… it kept hangin up in the middle of the install and giving me an error. I downloaded the .iso numerous times and burned numerous DVD’s… to no avail.

I finally got it done by installing directly from the .iso file with a free utility called Daemon-Tools Lite… worked like a charm!

I had similar problems with my content after upgrading. Once I downloaded the iso files and burned them to a DVD I installed from those and it solved my issues. Hope that helps someone!

This is my first try at using Cubase (Artist 7.5) and I’m having the same content issues. I use both Mac OSX 10.7.5 and a new Windows 7 machine as well. On the windows machine Groove Agent can’t find the VST sound files … I have been instructed by Steinberg to uninstall the old content files and install them again. I did that but to no avail.
On the Mac the Halion contents packets are text files with the suffix .vstsounds. I can look at them in text edit but that’s not doing me any good. This is my 2nd download attempt to get those Halion files.
Any one else out there still dealing with this?
Anyone have a solution? :bulb:

Have you tried rescanning the MediaBay?

I had seen the previous posts on this matter, but I am not sure that they answer my question. As I say in my post, I HAVE downloaded both the 7.5 full install, and also incidentally the Sonic 2 SE content ISOs from the Steinberg website, though it is HALion 5 which I am using and that seems to be working ok after I installed the earlier V4.0 first, though it did seem to me to be a pretty cack-handed way to have to go about it.

So I have both of those substantial downloads available to me.

But having used the V7.5 ISO to try to repair my installation by providing the missing track present content, the content is for some reason STILL missing despite having got an on-screen message saying my installation of V7.5 has been repaired.

Does that mean that I now have to uninstall Cubase 7.5 altogether from my new PC and then reinstall from the ISO mirror which claims to be a full install of V7.5 - all 6.8Gb of it?

I fresly re-installed Cubase from the 7.5 ISO
I now got al the new EDM content, but all the 7.0 drum kits are gone?
how do i get all the “old” content back?

tried to install the HS SE2 ISO but no joy, installer completed but nothing changed?

Hi y’all…i use firefox…i started the downloads for both ISOs without any download manager…It downloaded both the ISOs perfectly without any problem while i was sleeping…

and Raphie…if u mean to say ur having problems with missing samples for both Groove Agent One and Groove Agent SE…please check this topic…might help as i was having this problem…it helped…

i’ve tried to install in numerous different ways, no luck, tried uninstalling/re-installing and ‘updating’ tried from CD / mounted ‘demon tools’ and direct from file…with administrator privileges

having NO luck at all with anything…


I am a new user for Cubase. I just purchased Steinberg UR-RT2 interface and tried to install Cubase 10.5 to record music. Unfortunately, my computer uses Windows 8, it cannot install Cubase 10.5. I found Cubase 7.5 is compatible with Windows 8 and downloaded it. However, I cannot register Cubase 7.5 in my eLicenser. I tried many times based on the instruction on this link, but is still not successful. The software on my eLicenser Control Center only shows Basic FX Suite and Cubase AI, Cubase 7.5 is not there. Thus I cannot get Activation Code to open Cube 7.5. Could you please help me to resolve this issue? Thank you very much!