Cubase 7.5 and Komplete 9 Ultimate

Hi everyone, just a quick compatibility question.

A while ago, when Cubase 7 came out, a lot of people on here and other groups I’m part of were having a lot of trouble with C7 and K8/9. In the end, I decided to hold fire as I needed everything to be stable and hoped some patches would be released.

Now I’m in the position to upgrade and it looks like 7.5 is here now, (very tasty looking!) so I’m wondering if you guys are finding the compatibility between K9U and Cubase 7.5 any better? Are you having any problems now?

My computer is Windows 7 64bit i5 (soon to be i7) and my ram is 8GB (soon to be 16GB)

By the way…did something happen to the forums? I hadn’t logged in for over a year (just lurked) and my username and email didn’t seem recognised?? I had to re-register? My ‘My Steinberg’ still works luckily…hey-oh :confused:

Thanks for any help!

I have K8U and Cubase 7.5.30. i have not experienced any issues at all using both in tandem.

Been using K9U with 7.5 for a while without any issues…Win8-x64

Same here. Used on win 7 and 8. Never an issue

K9U and Cubase 7.53 x64 never had a problem.

That’s great! I really appreciate your help. Have ‘thanked’ you all for the replies…(that’s a new button since I came here last!)

…I’ll go place an order :slight_smile:)

I have K9 and the only issue that I have had is with Studio Drummer and CPU usage being on the high side. I had to disable the multi core option in Kontakt as NI support advised me that with the multi-core on in Cubase it is not needed in Kontakt and can cause erratic cpu consumption.

Otherwise it has been fantastic for me.

That’s a really interesting point - thanks so much for that-I wouldn’t have thought of doing such a thing…I’ll be sure to experiment with it switched on and off :slight_smile:

You want to upgrade to K9U now? K10U has just been released. Of course you can upgrade from K8U to K10U.

BTW, no issues with Cubase 7.5 either here.

I already have K9U, it was Cubase 7.5 I was lagging behind with and waiting to upgrade from 6.5…but really great to hear you’re all running smoothly with them both together :slight_smile:

OK, sorry for the misunderstanding. Yeah, you sholdn’t have any problem.

Same here I had zero problem with NI Komplete and Cubase 7.5.30. :slight_smile:

All my projects basically always start with Kontakt 5 with own build sample-libraries and other 3 part commercial sample libraries. I use also frequently Transient Master, Massive, Absynth, Reaktor, FM8 and Guitar Rig 5. Zero issues.

By the way when we at it. All Spectrasonics plugins like Omnisphere, Trilian and Stylus RMX are extremely stable too.
Has never crashed once…ever… and I have been using them every day in all kinds of productions for years.

Best Regards

Thanks for letting me know you have no issues…You’ve all put my mind at ease and I’m ready to upgrade now. The mixer did put me off for a while, but I’ll get use to it. There are lots of new features compared to 6.5!

Me too…always Kontakt 5 and It grows from there! I love my NI instruments and effects! Thanks for pointing me to other options too…birthday is coming up… :slight_smile: